The Inner Father and Mother
Inca Spiritual Messenger Willaru Huayta
Puno, Bolivia - September, 1997

In this spiritual culture of the Sun, God as Father is wisdom and He lives in the throne within us between the two physical eyes known as the third eye. That is the eternal spiritual Father, who never leaves us. God as Mother is love and she lives in the Temple of the love. Our Father and Mother are one. They never separate and they never divorce, because they are conscious.

In any religion all the great masters always spoke about their Father, but they were not speaking about their physical father. Humanity only knows their physical, biological father. They don't know their spiritual Father and Mother, eternal Father and Mother, who was always there from the beginning of every lifetime, residing in the inner temple.

They are always guiding through the intuition of the Mother, through the consciousness. The consciousness of the Father and Mother tell us, "Don't do that, not yet. Be careful. Take it easy." But often the ego is saying, "It doesn't matter. Do it." Maybe asking "One more beer? One more cigarette?", and many other temptations. Many times we listen with the consciousness and often we listen and do whatever the ego is asking. We are following both paths. Whatever is convenient for the good life in this dimension. The good life in this dimension is made with the good egos and the bad egos, also with the consciousness.

When we come back to the Temple of the Father/Mother, they help us a lot in the spiritual path and in the material life. When we are doing well spiritually, we can also be doing well materially. But when we are not doing well spiritually, we are also not doing well materially. Even if we make much money, it is harder. There is more suffering. It is much easier to be with the spirit and the material part is given more easily.

The Mother has great power and faculty to help us control the mind. For example, many nights the mind doesn't want to stop thinking. We only have to remember the Father/Mother God, and then put that mind with all that thinking in the Temple of the Heart. Concentrate on the Temple of the Heart. We are there. Whatever we are thinking, put it in there. Concentrate there. Remember the Mother�s unconditional love. Remember the power she has. Keep concentrating there and imagine seeing a garden full of red light, red flowers, and a red tunic on the Mother. Or imagine that a red fire is there, whatever is red and then keep concentrating there.

God is there, a little God is there in the form of light, standing there with a golden sword. She has a beautiful red tunic. Keep concentrating and put that mind in there many times. There's a sound when the ego is thinking at high speed. The mind also has some sound like this, and then as you keep your concentration here, that is going from the beginning like this and then going like this. Then it becomes quiet. I know, because I am always practicing. Maintain your concentration although it has become quiet. Keep your concentration. If you are tired and fall asleep that way, this is great.

We need to become the authentic priest and priestess of love and wisdom. The confession that we have seen in the external, subjective way, we can now earn in the objective way. Go to the inner temple. You can go on your knees, near the throne of the Father. Imagine there is a great master present, your eternal Father, your spiritual Father. The blue Father, the blue master is there, with a blue light. Tell your mistakes, and then ask to be forgiven. "I have done this and this and that and I want to change.� This is a confession. The external confession was an esoteric teaching, which was okay, but the esoteric teachings are eternal. We need to apply them on the internal. We can practice this. This is the authentic confession.

The Mother teaches us to forgive, understand, get reflection, have compassion, and have unconditional love for others. It is great to get to know our Mother. The Mother�s love is great and has no limitation. Love is great medicine, because all we need is love. With love, we can develop ever more love.

When you are teaching and helping others, it is love in action. The best way to work, of course, is not to put a monetary price on your spiritual work, because it is already of value. This is only a suggestion. I am not saying, "You have to do this." It is better to work with the spiritual first before the material. People who are prepared understand about the duality of the spirit and the material. They go together in harmony. This is good to understand.We are changing our destiny, moment by moment.

We are choosing and defining who we are and what we are supposed to be doing. It is not year by year, but moment by moment. Ascension can be moment by moment. We cannot wait anymore for Sunday to do our inner work, or maybe in a couple weeks... Defining to be or not to be, is now in the moment. We need to ask moment by moment what our form of thinking is. That is the guidance of the masters.

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