By Rigoberto Itzep Chanchabac - Daykeeper - Ajkij Maya - Kiche

�In these simple lines I express my point of view about the Equinox.�

According to our experiences of the MAYA COSMOVISION, the time of the Equinox is the time of the astral commemoration when "Jun Wukub Ajp� IX Balam Kij" descends into the underworld after his son who has beaten the owners of the underworld. We know very well that for the world or spiritual universe, there was a big battle before the spiritual, material world could take form. It was necessary, this big fight between the light and darkness. The Equinox is a signal that reminds us of that date for eternity, that moment, when the day has become longer than the night. We know the New Year has arrived and is a day of commemoration for the Haab. We call this day Nim Luj A Wasil Kij. It is the day our Grandfathers dreamed and expect to see the hero descend into the Underworld, in a shape like a pyramid, with his head decorated with many feathers, with all the colors of the rainbow. That was the beginning of the light. Since then our ancestors have built temples in the pyramid shape and this was the beginning of the tradition of temple building. But today, almost nobody knows about this historical event.

The Celebration of
WAJSHIKIB BATZ' OJ in Momostenango

By Rigoberto Itzep Chanchabac (Daykeeper-Ajkij Maya-Kiche)

Momostenango is a Maya-Kiche village located in the Highlands of Guatemala, and have played an important role as a ceremonial center in the prehispanic Maya-Kiche group. Since remote time they kept their own Mayan Calendar like today. One of the most important date (in the spiritual path) is the wajshikib Batz� Oj (8 Batz�= 8 weather or Thread, the first thread or the first day) this is the day of the initiation for the Daykeeper (Aj Kij) - The formation of the Aj Kij (Daykeeper Priest) has been preserved for centuries in the oral tradition of the Aj Kijab (priesthood). The Wajshikib Batz� ceremony and altars are basic to the Maya-Kiche religion, synthesizing the spirits of the universal cosmic element such air, fire, earth, water. Divinities in the Nature that make a only one divinity, when our grandfathers said �JUYUP TAKAJ� (God World). In this way the people of Momostenango keep and preserve their practices of the sacred days of the Maya-Kiche Sacred Calender, every time when is WAJSHIKIB BATZ�, males and females, childrens and youths participate in their own shrines and rituals like they have to do it. �The Ritual New Year, Wajshikib Batz�, is when a person assumes his or her mission to be a Maya Priest (Ajkij) and is ordained."

Rigoberto Itzep Chanchovac is Quiche Mayan Elder, Daykeeper and Priest is the director of Mayan Mission Wajshakib Batz of Momostenango, Guatemala. Momostenango is a Maya-Kiche village located in the Highlands of Guatemala, and continues to play an important role as a ceremonial center in the Maya-Kiche world. Rigoberto and many other Elders and Priests from Momostenango facilitate initiations with our Pilgrimages to help one understand our deep and intimate connection to the great creator. Ceremony with the elders fosters a deep reverence for all life. The Elders of Momostenango have retained 85% of their tradition making them a rare invaluable resource for those interested in Maya Cosmovision. Rigoberto offers Maya Destiny Readings, Traditional Kiche Ceremony and wisdom that goes way beyond books written about the Maya. He is also interested in traveling to the USA to meet with his family in the north, so if you are in the position to make arrangements for Rigoberto to travel to the USA to share the Maya Cosmovision please write Rigoberto.

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Initiation into the Mysteries of the Kiche Maya of Momostenango.
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