Mayan Time, Prophecy and the Tzolk'in
Mayan Timekeeper Gerardo Barrios Kaanek�

In the Mayan world we were fortunate that the prophecies let us know of the coming of the conquistadors of Europe. This allowed the Mayans to prepare for this invasion. They did a lot of work before the Spaniards came to Latin America. Part of that work was to create secret libraries to keep the codices. The great elders were transferred and migrated to other areas that were inaccessible. The elders informed their people of the prophecies, what was going to happen, and that it was unavoidable. They instructed them that they must be prepared not fight it, but to let it happen. Even though there were many warriors in the Mayan groups, the large Mayan councils discussed and decided that the confrontation must be minimal to prevent the extinction of the Mayan people and devastation of the Mayan culture. The Mayan spirituality has been going on since the beginning of time. Thanks to the great prophecies, and the advice of the elders, the prophecies were fulfilled, and towns saved. We were most fortunate that the knowledge of the Mayan Cosmology was preserved, and this knowledge is very much alive within the Mayans today as a result of the elder's vision. As a result, the use of the 20 sacred Mayan calendars, the preservation of their textiles, and the Mayan cosmovision has been preserved in its totality.

After the Spaniards took possession of Guatemala, they began to take an interest in the existing Mayan Books. They asked the Mayans to translate their glyphs into the European language. More than 60 books were translated for the Europeans. So, as you can see, we have been fortunate to have those records, from the beginning, which have helped so much during this process.

From the beginning of the world, the Mayan people, especially the religious leaders, have been guided by the Cosmovision. Their work has been based o the Pleiadian Communication. In Mayan, this is called Muchuchu Mil. I will tell you a little of this.

The great Gods, or the designers who began the project, were Tepeu, Gugumatz, Bitol, and Tzakol. They made the plans to begin life in this part of the universe. When they were finished, they call upon the great builders of this project. These great builders were Kakulja (ray of light), Nim Kakulja (the great ray), Rax Kakulja (the green ray), and Chip Kakulja (the micro ray). These four builders came to this part of the universe and created the galaxies, the solar system, the beginning of life on this planet, and planned the four primary continents. These continents were called Kax Uleu, the red earth; Sak Uleu, the white earth; Akab Uleu, the black earth; and Rax Uleu, the yellow earth. In the western world, these continents are called Atlantis (the red continent), Yis (the white continent), Mu (the black continent), and Lemuria (the yellow continent). Atlantis was what the Caribbean Islands are now, beginning in Florida, making an arc and following all the way to Venezuela. Yis, was the North Pole. Mu, was south of Africa. Lemuria, was between Australia and the islands to the northeast of Australia. Each one of these continents had the seed of the four races of the universe.

When the builders came, the planet was experiencing times of great exultation, of great harmony and peace with nature, but everything changes and goes through different cycles, such as night and day. There are cosmic cycles where light, as well as the darkness exists. The darkness had the opportunity to take over, and so it did. Then humanity began to work against nature.

Mother Earth is a living energy. She reversed humanity's work and decided to make some changes of her own -- to restructure herself, to keep up with the changes that were about to begin. Some of the continents partially sank into the ocean, while other parts of the Earth rose to give way to different continents.

Now it was time for four new Gods to come to Earth and continue the project by establishing four energy vortexes -- one in each continent. These four restorers were called Nim Quetzalcoatel, Maya Ches, Caramaya, and Nagamaya. These vortexes were Tikal in Mesoamerica, Greece in Europe, Egypt in Africa, and the city of Lhasa, Tibet, Asia. Harmony was restored. With the restoration of the energies, the planet was harmonized again. This harmony led to the creation of great cities of light, such as Memphis in Egypt, where the great pyramids were constructed, Mount Olympus in Greece, Tikal in Guatemala, and Potala in Tibet.

These centers of great light, and the four restorers, are written of in books. Their existence and great works are still recognized in their towns and cities like Quetzalcoatel (or Kukulcan) is well known in America. Maya Chez is written of in the Greek books and Nagamaya is written about in the black culture. The first Egyptian dynasty was called Naga. And in India, one of the Vedas in the Vipareta Korana, speaks of the coming of these restorers, the arrival of the great calendars, and of the Mahajuga of the Yugas. They also state that this science was brought by Nagamaya. In Sanskrit, Naga means serpent. In Maya it was the ethnic name for Atlantis.

In the next cycle of darkness, the planet took a new shift. This time the continents didn't sink into the ocean, but there were great floods. There are many American books that this is written in, like the Chilam Balam, the Siu, the Popol Vu, the Analyses of the Chajil, and the Book of the Council of Total in Copan, Guatemala. This history may be found in all of these books. This is especially true in the Popol Vu, of Chichicastenango, Guatemala, (the recognized Mayan bible in America). It speaks of the great floods which cover the Earth. It is also written in the Jewish bible, which was copied from the Assyrian books, the Book of the Dead of the Egyptians, and the Hipopeya of Hilgamesh, which writes about the flood with Noah's ark.

When the next cycle occurred, a third change happened, and another cosmic energy project began. This time four more Gods came to organize and restore the light. Their names were Balam Quitze for the red race, Balam Acab for the black race, Maja Kutaj for the white race, and Iq Balam for the yellow race. According to the Popol Vu, these beings of light came to Earth and settled in America to begin their work. They measured the Earth with a red beam of light. When they folded this measured beam of light, they found the center of that measurement to be the Mountain Paklom in Momostenango in Guatemala.

These beings of light came after the great floods when there was a great layer of mist and clouds covering the Earth so the Sun was unable to penetrate. Now their mission was to remove the clouds blocking the Sun. First, they performed three fire ceremonies which seemed unsuccessful at the time. However, they each helped to a certain degree. After the third ceremony, a luminous being came to Earth. He was so luminous that it was difficult to see him. He explained what was necessary to make a fourth ceremony succeed. Then the great luminous beings came together to perform a fourth ceremony. At the end of this fourth ceremony the clouds began to open. The first thing they saw was Venus, but thought it was the Sun. That is why, in Mayan, they call Venus the great fake. Later when the Sun came out, they knew they had been successful. They played the musical instruments and danced with joy. They restored the light in all of the sacred sites. They probably restored Chimney Rock! Harmony was restored once again.

Before the light restorers left, each one covered their bodies with a large sheet, and went to sleep. Time went by, and they didn't come out of the wrappings. The people of the town went to see if they were all right, but they found only the wrappings -- the four light beings were no longer there! However, they left behind four gifts -- a sacred pouch, a metallic crown, a seed of light, and a spool of threads of light of the cycles of time (sacred calendars).

The sacred pouch is carried and used by Mayan elders, and the Mayan priests and priestesses as their symbol of the Mayan powers. At these times in which we are living, only the nature of some of these gifts may be revealed. The others we are still not allowed to speak of.

Question: What is in the sacred pouch?
Answer: There are red seeds that look like regular beans, but they grow on a tree instead of a bush. These beans can live forever. You know how the other beans get worms into them after awhile, well these beans can live forever. My pouch contains small and large quartz crystals, as well as other rocks. For the Maya, the quartz crystals vibrate at 600,000 cycles per second, and vibrate in the next dimension as well as this one. Crystals are a channel to see the past and the future. The pouch also contains other crystals of power used to heal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Question: Could you talk about the 20 calendars?
Answer: The most important of the Maya calendars are the Tzolk'in and the Tzolk'ij. The Tzolk'in is for the observation of time, and of the different energies that interrelate with the human being. It generate 260 days, which is the cycle of the Mayan calendar. 260 days in the Gregorian calendar is 9 months. This nine months is the time of gestation of the human being, which in the Gregorian calendar, is a 9-month calendar. Some people have gotten the idea that it is a cosmic calendar. It is not.

Yes, there is a cosmic calendar. It is called Ox Lahuj Baktun. This is also a calendar for the cycle of the insects, and a planetary calendar called Ha'ab. There are four prophetic calendars. One is Tiku. This runs through two cycles of different duration and different time cycles. There are in cycles of 52 years. One has a time lapse of 9 times 52 years, and it's known as Belajeb Bolamtiku. It's duration is 468 years, and to abide by the Mayan prophecies, it began at the exact day and hour that Hernando Cortez came to Veracruz, Mexico. This calendar has already elapsed. Belajeb Bolamtiku means the nine periods of darkness. Nine Hells is another name that it has been given. The ethnic towns and groups of the Americas had to live through these cycles. They lived the paths of darkness in times of tears, which became extreme when property owners lost their lands. They went through periods of much sadness. But as a result, the peoples from the North, and the Central and South Americas realized that they had to live by the knowledge left to them. Thanks to the great elders who preserved and shared this great knowledge.

A new cycle began in 1991. It is called Ox Lahuj Baktun, which means the cycle of the 13 heavens. It has a duration of 13 times 52 years, totaling 676 years. We Mayans realize that it doesn't start immediately. Everything begins gradually, not like a light that you can push the button and the light comes on. It will take time. This cycle has nine years of gestation which will end in the 2001. This period of gestation is like the nine months period that it takes to create a human being -- only this gestation takes nine years. In these years of gestation for the 13 heavens, it will be like the phases the mother goes through when she first experiences a time of nausea, then of the baby kicking, until finally the pain of birth. This will be the union of the two cycles.

The Ox Lahji Baktun calendar spans 5200 years and it will end on December 21, 2012, of the Gregorian calendar. We are in the fourth part of these two cycles that began in 3114 BC. When we put together these two calendars, it gives us one period of great destruction for all humanity.

We are living in the times of the prophecies now in another calendar of Ox Lahuj Baktun. It also speaks about the cycle of the great changes. In the Mayan calendar, there are still 15 more years to be completed in this period of the year 5185 before this calendar can be completed. When this cycle is completed, it will mark a period of 2100 years. Another restoration of the planet will then begin -- Because the world once again has fallen into neglecting nature.

The world has been led by the materialistic ways, and humanity needs again to transcend a cycle and to live in a more subtle dimension. Right now only the ethnic and spiritual people on this planet are living this process. These changes will be very catastrophic, and my vision is that the different ethnic and spiritual groups will come together as the new warriors of the light. They will use tools of love to bring the message to humanity that their attitude must change.

We must respect all living things. Even though we have neglected and abused Mother Earth, taken her skin off, contaminated her waters, wind, and air; she still nurtures us. We must join hands and treat each other respectfully to reach a higher level of consciousness in order to survive. When a great part of humanity begins to understand this process and act upon it, the drastic changes, detailed in the prophecies, might not be so drastic.

Even just a few enlightened people can light the future. If you have the light, it is not necessary for many lights to be lit. That doesn't mean that many people will be carrying that light. Like the great indigenous elders, there can only be a few, but they can have the force to bring that tremendous message so that we can really hear, feel, and take action. It's hard work. It's big work. It's a big job. But if one person carries that light, they can bring that little light to many people and create one huge light. Show your understanding and your path to others so that they may follow, and that is the salvation of humanity. Then the changes of Mother Earth won't be that drastic. (End of Transcription)

BIO....Gerardo Barrios Kaanek, Mayan Medicine man and Time Keeper, was born in Guatemala. He began his spiritual journey at the age of 13 with a Maya Master Shaman, Ajq�iij in his own Mayaland where the Maya tradition has been alive for thousands of years.

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