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Through Aluna Joy with a group of holy women with Mary and Magdalene, Jeshua and Joseph Arimathea
Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England on 7/16/13 - Message #2

The following is the Second message that we received in Avalon ~ The Rebirth of the Golden Grail Within ~ that took place over several huge grand astrological trines in July 2013. You can find our other messages on our website at www.alunajoy.com under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. We sugest that you read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

Please read this message with an open heart and as if you were there with us.

This morning, our group had a private visit at Chalice Well in Glastonbury. Upon arriving at Chalice Well, Aluna took the group to the well head, and we circled around it to see what messages awaited us. As Aluna tuned in, she became very emotional and started crying.)

Aluna: As soon as we walked through the gate, Mother Mary was with us. She was with a group of other holy-looking women that don't have names, although I'm sure one of them was Magdalene. They are so happy we are here. They can see our hearts. They are sending us love, and they are hugging us. Mother Mary is saying, "I forgive you." I ask, "Why are you forgiving us - for what? Mother Mary says, "I'm going to forgive you because you can't forgive yourself for all the things you thought you have done wrong or haven't done good enough in your life." And she says that the holy water here is their blessing to us, and she is saying that they forgive us so we can let go of all the things that we felt we hadn't done right or the people we have hurt or the things we have said or the harms we think we have caused. They want to wash all that away from us. They say these are burdens that we don't have to carry anymore. (crying in group)

Mother Mary and the group of holy women that are with her are saying that our hearts are so full of light so they don't understand why we dampen down our light with our guilt and our lack of belief in ourselves. But they also understand because they felt those things themselves. They have gone through that in the past, where they have lost and they have failed. They realize now that all those feelings serve no purpose other than to make us fail even further in our lives.

So these holy women are bathing us and hugging us and loving us because they see our hearts and our love and our intent to be good people and to make a difference in the world. They want to wash away all the blocks in us that keep us from doing this. They know that we have tried so hard to make a difference, yet we still feel small. We still think we are not as effective in the world as we would like to be. They say that the amazing things that we would like to do are not just crazy dreams. They are reality; otherwise, we wouldn't be dreaming these things.

So with your permission, (those reading this must give permission as well) they are going to clear out all those doubts you have about yourself and all those things you feel bad about yourself. They hope you open your heart even further so you can be the person that you know you are, and that person that you know you are is all those wild crazy dreams you have inside that you never share with anyone because they are so sacred. Uttering them out loud would almost be blasphemous. You know what I am saying? Those secret places inside. These are the ideals these women live. It's those super-deep, sacred places in our hearts that we never share with anyone because we are afraid they will get tainted and contaminated if we let them out.

In a way it's good that we have kept these things deep in our hearts. These holy women still keep a sacred placed in deep inside their hearts so it doesn't get contaminated, but the difference is we haven't been accessing the full beauty, love , purity, power and limitlessness that we have in our hearts. They are going to help us access this now. The only thing that's stopped us from accessing it is that we bought into the program. We bought the program that we are just human beings - that we were born sinners, that only God has Godly powers, that we can't be gods and goddesses. This is just an absolute, flat-out lie.

So with your permission these holy women would like to erase that program. They are going to do it bit by bit, little bit by little bit during this pilgrimage (the next few week after YOU read this) and after you get home. As they do this you might feel even more vulnerable than you already do. You are still going to hold that sacred place inside your heart that will not be tainted by the world - ever. It's never been tainted; it never will be, but you will be able to access it and work from it. It's as if you had a Rolls Royce but you didn't use a gas pedal, and you are going to gain access to the gas pedal now so you can be able to drive this glorious, beautiful work of art that you are inside of yourself.

Group member: We have also been brutalized for it.

Aluna: Brutalized for it. Yes, thank you.

Aluna: Now with that comment, they are going on a whole other tangent. For those of you who have had the courage to walk with this pure heart in the outside world (in the past), you have been burned at the stake; you have had your heads chopped off; you have been locked up; you have been punished; you have been excommunicated; you have been shoved out of your villages; you have been pushed out of your families, and that is part of the cruel programming everyone bought into. You had shut yourself down because when you let yourself out you weren't accepted because they bought the program too. Well, those days are over, and more and more people are accessing this holy place in the heart. There is a huge wave going across the planet now. It cannot be stopped.

There is a reason why we are here this morning in this beautiful place (Chalice Well Gardens) and have the honor and the blessing to be able to be in here by ourselves. These holy women knew we were coming. So they could erase our guilt, and now they are starting to work on our fears as well. These are the fears that say… if we let ourselves out all the way, to show who we really are, that even today… our families, our communities, and the places where we work might try to shut us down, try to stop the light from coming out. (crying in the group).

They are showing me an image - a sacred image we all know of the Madonna with the heart. You can see the heart in her chest, and there is a light radiating out. The holy women say they are surprised that the image has actually survived until now as this has a very deep meaning. We keep the heart, the sacred part of us, inside, so it can't be tainted or contaminated. But we radiate our light out into the world. This is way these holy women look to be today. This place in our hearts is so pure it is the entire embodiment of who we are, only we have held it deep down inside of us, and we have pretended on the outside to be like everyone else.

So these holy women are helping us to access that place in our hearts, but they can't do the work for us. When we are ready and it is our time, we will know when to let this heart energy out all the way. They have helped us to shatter the programs around our hearts that have stopped us from being an authentic person. The rest is up to us. The love that they feel for us is so remarkable. Their love is shared with every single person on this planet, every person that walks into this garden or into any other sacred place. It's a love that alone can purify anything and everything on this planet. Anything that is out of alignment in the world cannot stand in the presence of this love. Each one of us has this love inside of us.

Let's take a moment and feel this love that they are sending to us now (and those reading this). I know this is the love that we have inside of us as well - a love that has no guilt, no fear, no shame, no agenda, and no limits of any kind. (long silence) They say they have been holding space for this love for a very, very long time. In Egypt, the Holy Lands, across England, Scotland, and Ireland, they have been holding a space. These holy women do this work for everyone on the planet. They knew that we would come here today. Others have come before us, and others will come after us all. All come here and remember who they truly are. This truth is a pure Divine Expression of God that just happens to also be in a human form as well. The beauty of living from that Divine Expression of God is when we awaken this love in our human body, we do it for everyone else as well. We are all connected to everybody and everything. What happens to one, happens to all.

It takes brave souls to do this work, as we all know. But it's not the Dark Ages anymore. They are not going to burn us at the stake and hang us and do all the things that they have done in the past. Their means now are much more sinister than they were back in the day when they would just kill us. We have reincarnated and come back wiser and more tenacious than ever before. Remember when you came back into this body saying, "I'm back and I am not surrendering until the job is done." Even when they were hanging you or burning your body, you already knew that it was not going to stop you. We came back. We are not going to stop. They can try, but they will fail. We will not stop until peace and harmony is something that is so natural that it is like breathing. It will be something that we will have to consider in the future.

Now they have been trying to stop us psychically, and they are losing. They are losing, because our hearts are opening, and nothing can stand in the way of this love. Nothing that's out of alignment with this love can survive. So they are losing, and they know it and we get to celebrate. We are celebrating because the love that was envisioned so long ago is coming, and it can't be stopped. (crying in the group) It's is a righteous goddess energy in us that has given us the tenacity to come back over and over and over and over again. And here we are again doing the work that our hearts call us to do.

It's not pride that these holy women feel for us. It's a feeling of sister/brotherhood that they feel for us because we had the courage to come back over and over and over again. Their feeling of sister/brotherhood extends to the goddesses, the gods, the men, the women who allow themselves to reach into the depths of their hearts and actually act from their hearts, instead of from the limiting programs that we have had on this planet.

Now I am feeling Jeshua come in, and he is blessing the men. The holy women are thanking the men for holding space for the women. Jeshua is giving his hearts love to the men for guarding the Maidens/Goddesses and watching over us and loving us and putting up with us when we do things they don't understand. Jeshua's heart is so huge and so beautiful. I'm so thankful he has been my buddy, and I know you guys are so thankful he has been your buddy too. He has been guarding the holy women here.

I know the holy women have been guarding our hearts and helping us open. What an amazing teamwork we have accomplished together. Jeshua also has this amazingly pure heart. But it's also his anchoredness, his groundedness, which holds the unshakable space where the women can let down all of their boundaries and be safe - that's the Chalice. I am so surprised to hear this because we assumed, you know, that Magdalene and Mary were the Chalices. But they are showing me right now that the men have also been the Chalice. The men have been the cup in which contains all this powerful watery potential from the feminine. We are held/anchored in this watery potential. We needed to have something to be contained in - something safe and secure and pure - and that's what Jesus was. He was the Chalice for us to let ourselves be free and to express all that we are with the protection that we needed in order to be in the world that is still full of duality. So Jeshua is honoring all the men in the group with so much love it's overwhelming. He gives thanks that you have not bought into the programming but believed your hearts and decided to go against the grain of what men are supposed to be in the world - that you decided to be here and open and be those anchors, so we can work together, because it takes teamwork to do this.

There is no fear left to be had because the tide of light is rising, and there is no stopping it. The ones who would try to stop us know this, and they are not too happy about it. But one day they will realize that they also have this pure heart inside of them as well. They will finally access it, and they will realize, "Oh, wow, this feels so wonderful and natural. I can't believe that I never allowed myself to be here." So we bless all the people in the world that haven't had this blessed opportunity to feel this energy, this sacred, amazing, beautiful energy, because we know one day they will. Now that we have immersed ourselves in this love there is no stopping it. (Aluna is sobbing as she is so filled with this love) Does that make sense? I'm going to need chocolate after this. (laughter). (PS… chocolate contains a nutrient/chemical that replaces what you burn while doing a deep reading/meditation… inner work etc … that is my excuse and I am sticking to it : )

So are you feeling it? Are you letting the beautiful love energy in all the way? - letting all your fears slough off like old scales, old armor, that we don't need any more. This is going to be really interesting, letting go of all our armor and then walking down High Street in Glastonbury. You get what I'm saying? (laughter). It's going to be a different kind of high on High Street. Lets just put it that way.

The holy women and Jeshua say they are with us now. If you have never felt their energy before, if it is the first time for you, you will never lose it. They will always be with you. This love will always with you. When you leave this place, it's always going to be with you. They are giving us hugs and kissing our cheeks and wishing that they were here in physical form, so they really could do that. We let them know that we feel it anyway. One day we know we will all meet up with our brothers and sisters, our spiritual family, from whom we have so bravely separated ourselves in order to be in this world at this time.

Any of the men have something to share? Because you are so unappreciated in this age. It's time we stop that.

Marcus: I think what you are saying about walking down Glastonbury High Street is that it's the radiance of the heart that becomes the protection. As long as we keep radiating out the heart energy, that light is our protection.

Aluna: As I said, there is going to be a new high on High Street. (laughter). Come on, Ted, I know it's in there. I can see it bubbling to the surface. You can do it.

Group member Ted: I am speaking for the men. I want to thank all women for their nurturing and for their love. It is the mother's love that propels us forward, and it is the power behind our strength. The mother's love is always an open heart, and that is the true strength, and that is our true protection. So I want to thank the seen and unseen women and men that help us and lead us to keep our hearts open for that will be the energy that will birth the new world.

Group member Denise: Also the courage that we all have and the grace that comes with it.

Aluna: Jeshua has been to Chalice Well, as well as Mary and Magdalene and Joseph Arimathea. They performed baptisms here. They spent a lot of time in this area. That's why they come in so strong in the gardens. Jeshua is showing me what true baptism really was about. It was the men that did the baptisms because they are the Chalice, and the water represented the creative force in women. In these times women have had to be the container and the water, and it is exhausting. We have had to heal deep trust issues. So he is asking us if we would like to do something. He is asking if the men would consider baptizing the women on their foreheads with drops of water from the Lion's head fountain. If you choose to do so, it would be a way of putting into action and embodying the Christ that is within you by acting it out.

Our guide Marcus: I was just sitting here thinking . . . I have been noticing how with groups like this there are many more men than there used to be. Now we have six in this group, which is a pretty good proportion, and six is the number of points in the masculine star. The masculine is about holding up energy of that space and trusting the strength that we all have to stay grounded - to contain the women. I remember somebody telling me awhile back that they did a workshop exercise where the men were in the center and the women were on the outside. The men felt really contained. Then the men did it to the women, and the women felt really wobbly. I worked with that with my partner Sue, and it's changed. Now the women are starting to feel like being held by the men because the men are beginning to understand and do that. And women are starting to trust it.

Marcus do you know the whole story about the Vesica Pisces (on the metal cover for the well)? It is on this side as well.

Marcus: The Vesica Pisces is the symbol of the Age of Pisces. In astrology books, we read about the two fishes pulling in opposite directions. That's the dualistic version of it. This, what we are looking at (on the metal well cover), is the complete circle - the two fishes coming back together - and that's particularly true now that we are at the intersection between Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. The Glastonbury zodiac in Chalice Well is between the two signs. Actually, it's in the sign of Aquarius in that Glastonbury is in the shape of a phoenix. I pointed out Wearyall Hill that is one of the fishes of Pisces, which is where Joseph is said to have planted the Holy thorn. The Vesica Pisces is also a symbol of the merging of spirit and matter, and where they meet in the middle is the womb of creation. This merging is what enables mass to manifest.

These (the images of the Vesica Pisces on the metal well cover) were made by my dear friend Hannish Miller, a dowser and blacksmith who dowsed the whole length of the Michael-Mary line back in the 1980s. He died in 2010. We were going on a trip going to Hawaii, and he really wanted to come with us, but he decided he couldn't. The reason he couldn't was because he died just before we left. Several of the people in the group felt him with us. They felt him juggling these huge balls of light and realized it was the planets he was juggling. He was a larger than life figure, a beautiful man, and he made these images for the world.

Aluna: Regarding the heart energy of the group. . . what we receive is a reflection of us. So this is only our second morning, and with the blessings we've already received, we could go home now - be done and be fulfilled right now.

And in a beautiful Ceremony the men (our Knights in newly polished armor of love), were put into action and baptized the women. We could see that the creation of a new chalice between man and woman was complete.

PS … an interesting fact is that we did the final edit and posting of this message while at the top of Mt Shasta.

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