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A Stellar DNA activation for all those that discover these transmissions!
Aluna Joy with Jeshua, Thoth, Mother Sekhmet, the Marys, Archangel Michael, and the ever-present Star Elders.
April 17th, 2014 - Message #1

The following is the 1st message that we received in Egypt this past April, that fell between two powerful eclipses and within historical life changing Grand Trine in 2014. You can find our other messages on our website at www.alunajoy.com under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order, as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Star Elders and all the others that joined us assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you as you read (and purposfully "LIKE") them. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

For best results, please meditate for 30 minutes before reading this transmission. Make sure you will not be disturbed in any way. Turn of your phones, etc. This is a powerful activation, and we want you to receive it in all its purity with its original intent. Remember the guardians are speaking to YOU!

"We are the way, the truth, and the life." (Jeshua) "We are the love, the wisdom, and the power." (Thoth) What was in balance with natural law in the past is now being brought forward into the present. Only that which was pure and good and light with impeccability will survive in the new world. Only pure ways . . . pure truth. This core of purity is what courses through the blood in our veins, is in our DNA, and is in our physical and spiritual ancestry. We claim this starry heritage and know that we are walking stars on the Earth. We are here not to be recognized as such or to be seen as special, but to simply be as that which we are. Much of the time, we do our work without recognition or acknowledgment. We are here to bring about the divine vision of creation on Earth, so that the Earth and the universe can be brought into total alignment. This is our humble task. From all of our multiple pasts, we ask that all that is impeccable be brought forth now, here in this circle in this room, (and those reading this) with all the ancestors that choose to work with us. We ask that all doors ahead of us, through which we will fulfill our prophecies, our destinies, and our passions, be open to us now - so that we may continue to offer sacred service, done in the quiet of our divine hearts . . . the secret place that never seeks nor craves recognition.

I want to give thanks for the presence of all those in the room / chamber when we arrived, for those that have arrived since we have been in this circle, and for all the gifts we have received while meditating. We ask that our starry DNA, the DNA that ran through the veins of Jeshua and all others - the Ancient Ones that have been our great teachers - we ask that this DNA be activated in us now fully and wholly with no reservation. Nothing held back. We ask that this be done with humbleness, kindness, love, compassion, impeccability, honor and truth, because WE are the way, the truth, and the life.

It is no longer "I AM." It is "WE ARE." This is not a singular path anymore. It is a collective one. We are the way, the truth, the life. We are the love, the wisdom, the power. Jeshua says that what is being transmitted to us now is an egoless power, one that is not used with force but with love. This new power is the way of the future: the power of love, unity, and respect for all life. We are the way, the truth, and the life. We are love, wisdom, and power. We are our ancestor's children, and we accept this starry heritage.

Take a moment to let this sink in.

Mother Sekhmet has arrived, and she says that she is going to sweep us up in the power of love. This might feel like we are getting lighter and lighter until we almost could rise above these heavy stones underneath our feet. We might experience an odd feeling in the pit of the stomach, as we might feel in a place where there is no gravity. She says we (and those reading this) have already done a great work.

Take a moment to let this sink in.

This great work we have done is the unplugging of a ticking time bomb just by our being here (on Earth) and coming to sacred places at this time (King's Chamber). Our hearts, our souls, and the starry DNA that courses through our veins and through every cell of our bodies has unplugged the ticking time bomb - at a place where there was much needed course correction. This correction has been done and not just by this humble, little group but by all the starry human beings across the planet that are here with us today. Thousands have set their alarm clocks to wake up in the middle of the night to be in this chamber with us. (We had asked the world to join us, and this caused such a huge energy wave that the guards felt and almost didn't let us in the chamber! They could feel it but didn't know it.) We recognize all these others as well. This part of our evolution isn't something we accomplish on our own anymore. It is something we do as a "We" and "Us," from the "One." This is not a sojourn, like it was in days past, where we would go into a cave by ourselves. This is something we do together now as a group, as a "We," as "Us," as "The One."

Mother Sekhmet says the ticking clock that was going in an inharmonic direction has been stopped. The Masters and the Gods of these lands were working to dismantle this ticking time bomb, but they need us to help as well. It wasn't until the thousands gathered with love in their hearts today - to bring in their divine self and awaken their immortal being inside of themselves - was this ticking time bomb unwired and dismantled. They say there is no way our minds could conceive how important this moment is; because of our innocence, we could never have imagined the huge repercussions that we have averted. We came here with innocent hearts. The innocent hearts are what has dismantled the ticking time bomb.

The Three Marys who were present at Christ's resurrection are now surrounding us. They are handing us the sacredness that they held, and they ask if we would walk with this sacred vibration and take it forward into the future. If you so choose, you can accept this gift. In this gift, there is a holy sacredness that is something we know in our hearts, but we rarely see out in the world. It is also purity, impeccability, and vision that is beyond anything that we have experienced in these bodies. The only place in our bodies that we know of this vibration is the sacred place inside of our hearts that we never let out, or show, because we are so afraid it will become contaminated.

Take a moment to let this sink in.

The time is near when it will no longer be necessary to protect this piece of sacred purity that has never been touched by any atrocity in the world. The archetypes of the Earth's atrocities are being now being filtered out and will fade into the past. The time is coming where we can let our full light shine. The Three Marys are activating our light: they are opening and filling our hearts with that sacredness, purity, and innocence of light. This light will build upon that which we were born with as babes. We (and those reading this) are the human embodiment of the Star Family above. We have taken on this journey to walk as "One." The Ancients knew this joining of humanity as One would take place on Earth eventually, and now the time has come. This is beyond anything that has ever taken place on Earth and within humanity. This vibration is lighter, purer, and more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

Take a moment to let this sink in.

Archangel Michael is walking around the circle (and those reading this) now. He is helping everyone to take down the boundaries surrounding our hearts that would stop us from experiencing the "beyond the beyond": the things we have never experienced before, beautiful things . . . lighted things. This help is offered so we can conceive and hold in our hearts things that are beyond anything we have ever experienced. We are ready, and the time is now because we are the way, the truth, and the life; and we are the love, the wisdom, and the power. So Michael is asking, "Are you ready?"

Group said: Yes.

With that "Yes," you give permission to your soul to access that place inside of you that has come from the stars to be here now in this present moment to anchor into this world things beautiful - unimaginable manifestations of light. With each step we take into this place, we will feel more and more comfortable in our bodies, our souls, and our humanness. So, yes? Take time to let this sink in. Breathe!

Take a moment to let this sink in.

All the Masters present here are thanking us (and those reading this) for all the work we have done. They are thanking us for all the sacrifices we have made to do these humble works. They are thanking us for being strong enough to "think outside the box" and to "live on the edge." They are thanking us for the love we have in our hearts and the tremendous love we will begin to express that is beyond anything that we have experienced before. As above so below. Heaven is coming. Heaven will return to Earth. Each of us (and all those likeminded who are connected to us) are the anchors for Heaven, including all the thousands that are listening and have tuned into this chamber today.

Archangel Michael is working on a block that we have in our memory/programing that can hamper really accepting who we are. We are afraid if we accept this part of ourselves it might be perceived as ego or arrogance. That is tricky, because we are holding ourselves back - because we don't want to be perceived as arrogant, special, or better than others. Yet we know that no one in this circle has an arrogant bone in their body, or thinks they are special or better than anyone else. But they are asking us to try to put these feelings aside and allow the brilliance of who we are out into the world. Yet we each are of equal value to every other human being on this planet, and this includes all the people from those who carry out atrocities on the Earth all the way up to the living saints. We are the new living Masters of Earth. We are the conscious family of Earth. But we must not be afraid to let our light out all the way to be who we truly are as way-showers.

We have spent our entire life breaking out of what was considered normal, and now Archangel Michael is asking us to break through to another level. He wants us to remove the block in our mental programing that says "I am afraid if I break out of that box people will judge me or think I am arrogant." He also wants to erase the limiting thoughts that we are not worthy of carrying this type of pure, untainted light. That thought is also a twisted form of our not wanting to look arrogant or special or different. Let's face it; we like community, and we do want to fit in somewhere. After all, we are also human.

So let go of these feelings that we are not worthy . . . that we haven't walked the path long enough, or we haven't meditated enough, or our diet isn't perfect, and all the things the world says we need to do to be enlightened. None of these things really matter. These are the fearful ways of the old world: ways that people had hoped would be like a magic spell against anything that might cause them to suffer or surrender in any way. These supposed requirements are not the ways of trust and the way of the heart. So put away those feeling that you are not worthy, and put away the feelings that you might feel separate or special. Always remember, we are the new living Masters of Earth. We are the conscious family of Earth. We are the starry DNA that has come through our ancient ancestors and that is creating Heaven on Earth.

Take a moment to let this sink in.

Now this is quite unusual. All the Masters present here are sealing the chamber door here in the Kings Chamber, and they are moving the entire chamber to the next notch on the evolutionary frequency channel . . . on the next higher band width. When we walk out of this chamber, we will be one notch higher in frequency, and we will have energetically left the world that we arrived here in. We will be exiting into a new world that is just a little higher frequency than the one we left. (This is where we usually end up at the end of the pilgrimage. Seeing this powerful activation on our first day in Egypt told me that this pilgrimage was going to be quite intense, powerful, and life changing.)

All the Masters present here are saying that as we walk these lands together, we will anchor this higher frequency throughout Egypt (and those reading this will anchor this frequency wherever they are when it is activated within them). The Nile will empty into the ocean, and this will affect the whole Aegean Sea where Atlantis fell, bringing light and love back into that area. The oceans touch every continent and will touch every soul, every being on the planet Earth. And so it IS.

Heart Donations are Welcomed, Appreciated and Treasured

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