Temple of Inscriptions - Palenque, Mexico
Aluna Joy Yaxkin - Lord Pakal
12/15/16 at midnight

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After sitting in the energy for quite some time, the message door opened with one comment from Lord Pakal. He said "I AM Pakal (FYI this is not his real name) from the Stars." He shared that he is still connected to the stars (his original home), but he is also connected to Earth and this "tomb" as well. When we first came down the stairs, the first thing he said was "My children." He wanted to speak in another language, but I don't channel in that way, and it would make no sense to you as well. So I am going to have to translate. (I waited for the message to continue).

He says that they (the Star Elders) came to Palenque much further back in the past than we realize. The goal was to anchor his world's consciousness with what we now call humanity on Earth. This was to reconnect and anchor within us their (our star family) pure universal consciousness. The intent was to anchor nothing but pure PEACE. When they came here, they saw the degradation of the energy of life on Earth, and that it was no longer pure peace. So they needed to come back to realign their intentions.

So now (those reading this), you might start to feel something around your heart. Lord Pakal is sending you an invitation for a diamond peace download. So with your permission, he would like to download the codes of his starry race of which you are his children. This is their memory which won't be in a language that we will understand. These are the codes of peace that they brought to this Earth.

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Earth was intended to be paradise. A magical realm beyond our wildest imagination. So when most of the Star Elders were called back home, Lord Pakal made a huge sacrifice to stay behind to hold these codes to our Earth. This is why we keep coming back to Palenque, because we are his children. We keep coming back, because we are not going to stop working here until the Codes of Peace are fully activated on Earth. His DNA is your DNA. He recognizes YOU (yes YOU... those reading this).

He is not the only consciousness in this tomb. All his starry family are connected here. He has never been alone. They are with him as much as he is here in spirit. They hover some place between Heaven and Earth. The pyramid steps are levels of consciousness or alternate worlds. In Pakal's mind, the underworld is living on the Earth in human form when it is not in a balanced state of peace. The 13 Heavens, which we continually reach for, isn't something apart from us. It is something that is already here with us once we wake up to it. We are in the process of doing this right now and also being simultaneously challenged to this truth as a human race.

What he is saying in their cosmology (a.k.a. Mayan cosmology) is that there are 9 underworlds and 13 Heavens. This is a cosmology that has become distorted over time. When we drop our bodies, when we pass away, we go through the 9 underworlds to be recycled and cleared. Then we go up and through the 13 Heavens to be recoded. Eventually, if you choose to, you come back to Earth to do more work.

In the ancestor's cosmology, there is always multiple reasons for any code, program or cosmology. Another perspective is that the 9 levels of the underworld are the dying phases of the entire Earth, and this happens when the Earth becomes out of balance with peace. We could say that we are in the last phase of this now. Once cleared, we enter the codes from the 13 Heavens will reboot the Earth's codes, and a cosmic peace will return. Then there will be only LOVE; Anything else will be fear and will be out of balance (ego, doubt, procrastination, anger, superior attitude, entitlement, separation, war, even laws and rules are fear.)

The 13 Heavens is where we are heading. This is what they/us came here for ... to anchor this peace on Earth! This life, this time, is all about balancing our body with spirit. The physicality in nature of what you are in a body linked with a cosmic consciousness of a spirit. Does that make sense? I hope this is clear.

Entering the 13 heavens is what happens when we finally wake up to this cosmic definition of peace ... and this peace is everything. It is love. It is the Creative Force of the Universe. It is magic. It is about the 5 elements (earth, water, wind, fire and ether), the trees, the animals and all life on Earth being in a state of peace. I can see Pakal making big strokes with his hands in the air like he is painting a picture. This painting and reality isn't even something solid as we know it. It is more like an ethereal painting ... magic. It is the energy behind all creation. Simply creating from the energy of the elements. I am seeing images and realities appearing. Our ancient ancestors have anchored life on Earth in this way. They created worlds among worlds, and solar systems among galaxies to eternity.

Our ancestors are wanting us to learn how to paint these creation paintings and how to create new realities. They are wanting us to come together (unity and oneness), and be in peace. When we do this, they will come back to the garden that they created and be with us. If we are not in peace, they cannot come back, because their energy is too strong. Their walking upon the Earth in a body would magnify everything that is already here, and if there are distortions, it would be dangerous, and they know it.

Okay, Pakal has got a check list for what is coming to you in your current time line. He is showing it to me in like a memory disk that looks like a clover leaf pattern-looking thing ... you can't make up this stuff. ;)

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1. First, be still and do nothing with this peace download. Let it grow. Let it anchor. Just be with it. Don't force it. Don't push it. Don't try to understand it. Just let it be inside of you for awhile. His "awhile" means maybe a couple of days to a couple of years. I might be very wrong on the time line by the way, because their time lines are very different than ours, and they shift around a lot.

2. Then the second stage is still to do nothing, but these codes and peace, that they downloaded into you, will start emanating out from you. This is going to affect everybody around you, everything you touch, and everything you do. So if you are okay with that, you can accept this clover pattern-looking thing that has their memory in it. And if you don't want the job, you don't have to accept it. It is free will. He would not be disappointed in his children if they decided not to. Okay?

The second step could take a while to manifest. When it starts emanating out of you, you might see some rejuvenating qualities! Our ancestors don't age, they don't die, and they don't get sick. So you will probably start seeing some rejuvenating properties. These will start slowly and easy, because they understand the physical body, and they know not to do anything too fast. But be on the lookout for that one.

3. The third step is probably a decade away. This will take time and our patience. Once we start rejuvenating in mass, other humans are going to start to take notice (the group laughs). This is going to get a little complicated as this energy has now become an integral part of the new creation. It won't be just us embodying this energy, because everyone in phase 2 that we touched, or came in contact with, or activated, will also be having some rejuvenating effects. There will be safety in numbers. There will be many beings with this rejuvenating energy. Any opposing force on the planet, that is still asleep enough to want to extinguish this energy, will not be able to as it would destroy the very fabric of life itself. Does that make sense?

Once this becomes an undeniable force, and it starts reversing what we call aging and illness, many people will try to take credit for this. Some will make millions trying to harness this power. This won't work for long. Their efforts will be futile, and no one can own or monetize this energy.

4. Step four is where the real fun stuff happens! We begin to manifest anything imaginable out of thin air. I think this is quite a ways off, as Pakal is showing me a really big time line here. Pakal and our ancestors have unending, eternal patience with us, because they can see the bigger picture. This step will collapse the last bit of the money machine. There will be no need for money, laws and rules. By this point, the energy itself will be self governing. Any misuse of energy will be instantly recycled.

Pakal says that there are other steps, but he said we wouldn't be able to get our heads wrapped around it. It is beyond us right now. He says that we have enough to BE and accomplish right now.

The last thing he wanted me to share with you is that the PEACE that he is downloading to us (those reading this, and have given permission for this download), is not all soft, gentle, sugar coated, and a gentle, kind of peace. There is a STRENGTH and POWER to it that we might perceive in our state of consciousness as being harsh. His peace is STRONG. Do you get that? Can you feel that now? I am asking him to please let us feel that strength. Let us feel the strength of that peace, and to not be afraid to use it, and not be afraid to BE in it in every moment, with every breath, with every heartbeat, and with every step we take. It is a ferocious peace; Sort of like when a powerful jaguar walks through the jungle without making a sound. This is an image that he likes.

A second download...
(That is if you are still reading this) Pakal is showing me something else. I need to use an example to make it clear. He is ready to bring out into the world a micro piece of energy of what he anchored here. A little diamond drop of his energy.

When I work with dimensional doorways, one of the things that works for me is to ask to exchange energy with the alternate reality. I put my heart against the doorway, and I swap heart places with the being or energy on the other side. Pakal is not offering you a dimensional doorway today, but that is the best example that I can come up with. What he is offering you is to swap a little bit of his heart energy with your heart energy. He is offering you a little diamond micro drop of his energy, so you can take it out into the world. It is like offering your love to your father/mother, and in turn, they offer some love back. You will take this diamond peace and love back out into the world. Pakal says that it is time to roll back the tombstone, and allow some of this energy to emanate out into the world. Remember... You must give yourself and Lord Pakal permission for this to take place.

I have seen this happening in Egypt in the last few years. Mother Sekhmet's energy is starting to come out from hiding as well. Another very powerful LOVE energy. In the first few years that I visited her, when we left her temple, her energy would stay inside. In 2014, she gave me a hug and that was when I felt her energy come out with us. I am told that Pakal is ready to begin to release his energy out into the world. This energy will be released in micro bits, and then the Star Elders, our ancestors, will watch to see what effect it will have on humanity.

The frequency has shifted here...
There is something very subtle going on now towards you (and those reading this). Pakal's ancestors are noticing you now, and they are asking your permission to heal and unblock different areas in your life. So if you are okay with that, you can invite that in as well. They are particularly working on throat chakras for a lot of people. If you are feeling an itchy throat, that is probably what is going on. Some stomach/digestion stuff is being worked on now as well ... as well as some lower back stuff.

This healing is very unique. It is a star DNA healing. These ancestors can't interfere with our human DNA, because our human DNA is connected to free will on this planet. They can, however, help activate our starry DNA, because that is part of our ancestor's family.

It looks like the ancestors have backed up, and they have moved on. There is some kind of portal between this tomb and the stars, and they have gone. The work is done. This is how our star family has been keeping an eye on Earth and humanity's evolution.

Pakal is now sending us a lot of LOVE and gratefulness. The memory locked in this temple was just radiating love as we came up the steps. We sent love to the temple as we climbed up. He is appreciating our sacred approach. It has been awhile since anybody has climbed these steps and sent the temple love. The temple responded to us, because when one acknowledges it as a living temple/library, it unlocks the energy in the stone. Pakal wants people to feel his energy. It is why he stayed behind, and it is why we are here.

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