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Aluna Joy Yaxkin with the Immortals, the Hathors, Mother Sekhmet, Goddess Nut, The Order of the Mary's,
Jeshua, Archangel Michael and beautifully assisted by Grandmother Moon.
Received in Philae Isis Temple, Egypt - October 19, 2018

I was called to fully edit this message during the full lunar eclipse of January 20th, 2019. Because . . . the old light of the moon went out, and the new one was birthed, which is very similar to this message. Now I understand why I waited so long to release this message. Thank you Great Creator

We arrived at the island Temple of Isis / Philae just before dawn. There has been a private party here the night before. I think it was a wedding. Workers were still breaking down a dance floor when we arrived. My heart sank, because my first thought was that the energy was going to be really fractured in the temple because of the party. Well . . . I was so very wrong. The message was so intense that I felt like the energy of the beautiful, light-filled Immortals (who I have befriended over the years) were going to walk into my body, and I was going to let them. This was one of the best moments of our Egypt trip for me. And this is the message . . .

(First, I want to send a request the Immortals and the others who were with us in spirit, so that the energy will come through for all of you who read this, just as it did for me and our group in the temple. I suggest you absorb this message sitting in a quiet place. They say that the energy will transfer and will have only a little to do with what I say from this point on. They say they already know who will read this. This is true for most of my messages because when I arrive to a site, I let the guardians know I am open and willing to send their messages and energy out into the world if they want me to.)

As soon as we set up our altar in total darkness, upon the altar that is the Holy of Holies in the inner most sanctum of this temple, the Immortals made me aware that there was no coincidence that there was a whole crew of people just leaving the island with all their 3D materialistic party paraphernalia. Last night's event is absolutely the opposite of what this temple offers. No sooner than we arrived, the site was vacated. I saw huge bubbles of light around the temple and the island it sits upon. Then I saw a spot of light inside this temple. I had to sit down, because I was getting dizzy.

I began the message . . .

In this temple, what we are doing now, at this time on Earth as a spirit and as a soul, is getting very physical. Our ascension process is coming into the physical world. It is infusing into our physical bodies. Our ascension is not just an ethereal and out there in the stars or an ideal to manifest in our minds. This is really happening on the Earth right now. The old world is literally packing up and leaving, and the light of truth is coming back.

When we arrived in our boat, I was disappointed that a huge party has taken place here last night. As you saw, they were packing up just as we arrived. We have just walked in, and they are already gone. I don't hear any more hammers, or people voices or even the boats taking them away. When I close my eyes, I see this bright point of light inside this temple. The Immortals are going to show us how this ascension shift is going to take place. This shift is entering into our physical world now. They are showing us the old physical world is packing up and leaving. This leaves a void space for us to enter into. We (humanity) are starting to show up in ways that we have never dreamed of. Our consciousness is widening to hold a bigger perspective. We are going to the places where we are called to go. We are doing the things we are called to do. We will begin more and more to show up as the light. As we take responsibility for this, we will also be called to let go, and allow the rest of the unnecessary world to dissolve away. All that disappears now in our lives and our world was only tolerated and was always out of alignment with the truth. We have now learned what we needed to learn. It is time to bring back to the Earth and humanity the light and the pure alchemy of truth.

I am feeling the Immortals, the Hathors and a touch of Mother Sekhmet here. It feels like all divine feminine energy. It is not the divine feminine in the way that humanity knows it today, as this is a limited view of the divine feminine. The truth is that the divine feminine is the creative force of the Universe that is in all living things. It doesn't matter what gender you are. All has this truth within. This is not a gender event. Right now in the world, it looks like a gender battle, but it is not. This is only a superficial surface clue of something much bigger. What we see happening in the world now is going to morph and evolve into the truth very soon. What is awakening now is about respect and honor for all life and for all human beings. Anything that is out of alignment in our old world will disappear. It is time. A new world is beginning to physically birth. This is a world of respect, truth, honor, light, love, harmony, peace, abundance and integrity. Everything else is all going to just pack up and leave quietly in the dark, never to be seen again.

My Immortals . . . I always feel them here. The Immortals are very tall beings that look a bit like the Hathors, but more human like. They are a group of semi-human beings that I am told are the original people. They are not male or female. They are androgynous, and they are not dualistic. They look feminine to me, but when I say that, they remind me that being feminine was never supposed to be the way we think of it, even today. The divine feminine was never to be submissive, quiet, and allowing of creations they know in their hearts are out of alignment. The Immortals would not allow mis-creations. They have ultimate power that does not use force. They have strength that is filled with grace and clarity that comes from eons of experience in the universe.

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This morning there is a feeling . . . kind of bitter/sweet melancholy. We are saying goodbye to an old world, old ideals and old perspectives, and we are stepping into a clean slate without boundaries, and without many rules of nature that we used to being limited by. There will be more responsibility now, but a lot more freedom as well.

In the beginning of this process, there will be some chaos as the old world packs up and we move in. Just like when we got off the boat, and other people here were loading up the party supplies. The main gate was crowded with them leaving, and us coming in. No sooner than we hit the front temple door, the old world just melted away, and now we are here in this clean slate. When we arrived here, I looked straight up at the mid heavens and noticed that we are sitting right between Orion and the Pleiades.

The Immortals are sending us a tremendous amount of love and support. They are surrounding us, and the temple we are in, in a circle of light. They are also surrounding the island, and they are holding the space for us.

(Let this flow into you now for a few minutes)

They are showing me Moses and the parting of the Red Sea. The reason the Red Sea parted was because Moses was carrying the absolute truth, and the sea was all of creation that was contaminated. He found the true path in the middle of sea. This is what we are doing with our light and our truth right now. It is a gentle and quiet energy, but that doesn't mean it is not unbelievably powerful. Just like the feminine energy that the Immortals want to redefine for us. It might outwardly look filled with light and love, but, at its core, it has absolute power.

They are showing me that we (and those reading this) are parting the seas. We are walking in and the mis-creations will simply walk out into the dark void to be recycled. We are not talking about humanity going into the void, though some might choose to do this. We are not talking about anybody being left behind against their will. Anyone whose heart is maintaining a certain frequency will be walking in with us. We are talking about all the mis-creations that are being packed up and moved out. It will feel like a whisper. But in that whisper, it is like a hurricane. These are the images that they are showing me. This time is like a hurricane, but is also very subtle. It is a whisper. That whisper is inside of you right now. It has been given to you all through these days. You can even feel it now building inside you. We came into this temple, and there was chaos, and boatloads of people and stuff, and it is all gone, every trace of energy of whatever was left here, it is gone. All we had to do was walk in and show up. It is going to be that simple as that, and yet that powerful.

(Take some time to let this anchor into your core.)

Everything has been put in place to support the shift of the old world to the new world. Very soon, our work won't need to be hard as it has been, and it will come naturally like the changing of the guards. We have spent many years where we have had to work really hard to hold our center. We have worked many, many years before that taming our ego. We spent many, many years before even that to stay connected to the center of all that is. Now it is just going to be easy like a whisper. It is coming very soon. All we have to do is step in, and anything that does not belong there will step away. Old outdated energy will go out and disappear like those boats full of people that just disappeared into the darkness. That energy will be recycled to be used in a way that is supportive to the energy of the new cycle that we are moving into. The dreams we created and the visions that we have been imagining will manifest. But it doesn't mean there won't be some chaos. There is a lot to be dismantled. The ways of the old world have to be packed up, put in boats and taken through the underworld to be cleansed. This is much like when a soul leaves its body. It must go in a boat, like a cocoon, and go through the underworld to be cleared and readied for the next life. When that cleansing is done, it will all come back as pure, clear potential for the building of the new cycle for humanity. We will create a new world.

We have crossed over a necessary pivotal point; we have crossed a tipping point. Very soon creating from truth will not be an uphill battle any longer. But it is going to come like a tsunami or an avalanche that can't be stopped. But this tsunami in you will be like a whisper that feels like a hurricane. Our whispers will be over-looked by the outdated world. It will be like this activity is invisible. This is why it will be so easy to create from. There will be no opposition as this activity of building a new world will be over-looked by the mis-created world. I hope this makes sense to you.

This is why on this pilgrimage they keep saying "Find your place, anchor yourself, hold your space, and find your wings so you can stay in the eye of the storm as everything is being dismantled." We silently walk in, and that is the way it can be. The new creation doesn't need the drama, or the battle, or the struggle, because we are in our true light, and our true power, and all that it will take to make this transfer of worlds to happen is to walk in with our whisper of truth. This is the strength that comes when you know your place, you know what you came here for, you know what you have envisioned, you know what is right, and you know the energy of this new creation.

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The Immortals are doing something now. They have been encircling us. Now they are all turning around, and they are facing outwards. There are three layers - one behind us, one around this Isis temple, and one around the entire island. They are sending forgiveness, grace and peace to the world. Most of the miscreation doesn't even realize it was miscreated in the first place; it was because we were asleep. Humanity is still quite asleep. But here inside this triple ring of light, we are standing in a place that is pure potential. We are being inoculated and being aligned to a pure field of presence (and this is so for those reading this now).

In the meantime, we are sharing this space with the Immortals and a light hint of Sekhmet . . . and now the Mary's are showing up. They are part of a pre-Celtic order. In ancient times, they would to come to these temples in physical form. Now they come to us in spirit. They are here, they are turning around as well, and they are sending out love to the world. Ohhhh, now I see. I know why this activation or divine activity of light needed to be female, or from a feminine presence. It is because the divine female births creation into the world. Females give birth to babies that create the humanity, but the Great Mother, like Goddess Nut, gives birth to entire worlds. It is the feminine energy that has to forgive the miscreation, because creation came out of the feminine energies.

So all these Masterly Goddess beings that have joined us today, and are here with you now, are sending forgiveness to all mis-creations in the world. They do this because as this transfer of worlds take place, the creations of the old world will begin to realize IT IS mis-created! This could manifest as global guilt. You and We cannot waste precious energy on guilt as it is just a waste of energy. It doesn't do anything except hold the process back. But in the old world, guilt is one of the hardest things to let go of, even harder than letting go of fear. So they want to send out a blanket of forgiveness across the planet to all the miscreations, to all the people out there that think they know it all, because soon they are going to realize that they knew very little or nothing at all. The place we are going, we don't know anything about. We are like children going to kindergarten. We don't even know our ABC's yet, because we are just beginning.

On this journey, we have been asked to find our place, and then we have anchored in our place with a lot of power. We have sent vibrations out through all the ancient lineages of the past, and sent a new path out into the future. This time has been a spherical lineage healing. A lot of bridges have been burnt behind us, with more to be burned soon. New bridges are being built in front of us, the right way to hold the truth, the light and the way with love, wisdom and power.

In truth, the way of the divine, the creative force of the Universe, IS used to empower it.

(Let that sink in a bit before you continue.)

The Immortals are coming in even stronger now than I have ever felt. They feel like I could almost touch them. They have their feet anchored down, and they are holding space for us and for humanity (and for those reading this). They are ready. We are ready. It is almost like they are in battle mode, but it is not a battle. It is a whisper. It is like a silent hurricane. It is a wind that is going to sweep all the atrocities of the world away. The ocean will part for us, and all we have to do is walk through the center. This is the process that we have begun on this journey. We have begun to walk into a new field of consciousness. This is why this pilgrimage has felt so surreal, otherworldly, and like we are not quite here, and not quite there. It is because we are taking our first steps into a new world . . . a physical body that is still letting go of its old outdated memory. We are entering into a new field that is holding a matrix of new codes, and an upgraded intent of creation. This is something that we have never stepped into before. It is beyond us, yet we are now entering into it. We are being inoculated into the divine new truth.

So for now . . . it is okay if you feel a little lost, a little confused or a little spaced out. There is a tremendous amount of divine support coming to us. The momentum is going at such a speed that it cannot be stopped. It is like a purifying avalanche that is finishing up a lot of the dismantling. It will not be a battle. It will not bring about arguments. We will not have to march, although there will be some of that still in the world. It looks like, from what they are showing me, this energy field that we are stepping into is not just here in this temple. It is in the whole world. All those human beings out there, trying to hold on to what they know, to keep their balance, are finding that they will let go of things that they never thought they would. It won't be a struggle, because it is just going to melt away. The stronger ones out there, the ones that are really, really, invested in what they know or what they have, or who they think they are, they might battle a bit longer. But this whisper of an avalanche is just going to pass through them with ease, these last holdouts, and wipe away what is left to be dismantled. The energy is going to be redistributed into truth, energy and light.

Now . . . I am seeing Jeshua out at the front door to this temple. He is not walking in, but he is saying, "What I have done you can do also and greater things." We are starting to figure out what these greater things are. The greater things are for us to harness that little whisper of light inside of us, and the deeper knowing that it is a hurricane, and to walk into our place as the seas part before us.

Now they are turning back around facing us again in this triple circle around us. They are arm in arm holding us in this love, in this peace, in this vast and new empty space. Now they are asking us if we so will it, the Immortals, the Hathors, Sekhmet and the Order of the Marys, will be with us as long as we like them to be. They want to help us navigate this new, giant ocean. This great ocean of potential will have no orientation point, and all of this will be a little confusing as one old doors closes and new door opens. They are going to help by acting as our rudder of our new boat for as long as we need them. They will be here to help us learn to walk and learn how this new world works. They have been waiting for us, because we are already beginning to step into this new world. This is a world that does not function in the same way like the world we are leaving. At first, it will make very little sense. They will help us stay anchored.

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So these Masters of Light will be our constant as we travel between this world and enter into the next world. No matter how lost we might feel, they are going to be holding us until we can learn to stand up and walk. A lot of energy has been put into place. The great dismantling is dissolving apart the old world. It is leaving what is truth, and recycling the lies. It is leaving the love, and recycling the fear. AND we are going to stay in our bodies while doing this. It has never been done before, not in any age in the past. We have always dropped our bodies, and come back and started over. Everybody in this room, and probably everybody that we connect with at a heart level out in the world, has gone through this cycle of change from age to age and has practiced going from one age to the next. We decided that what we have learned in these lives is so unbelievably precious that we don't want to let it go and start completely over, because age after age we keep repeating the same problems. If we don't remember some of the mistakes, we are going to keep making the mistakes. But this memory will not be a program that we will habitually repeat. It will be only a memory, a story, which is different. It is the programs that we keep repeating. The programs will be dissolved, and the memory will remain in a purified, rarified form. We are awakened enough to know that we do not want to go backwards ever again. Old world programs will not go with us.

The love they are sending is just so beautiful. They see our strength, and they see our vulnerability. In fact, our vulnerability is our strength, because the vulnerability lets us step into that new world. Does that make sense?

So, if you will give them permission, they want to seal this memory of the divine whisper inside of you now. Invite it in if you are called to receive it. If that whisper isn't something you want right now, you can always ask that it comes to you later, next week, next year, etc . . . . It is up to you and on your terms. When you are ready, they will infuse you and seal it into you.

I can already feel the outside world coming in during the last few minutes. The sun is rising and birds are singing. But other than this, we have not been disturbed by any other human being throughout this message. This has been a great gift. They are preparing the outside world that we will go back into now. They want our landing to be gentle. We still have work to do out there. There are still realignments to take place, some more letting go and more dismantling that needs to take place. But now that we have felt this frequency and the purity of the core of this new cycle, this is now part of our new programming that we will take forward with us. It will be our job to go back out into the world and help finish packing up all the things that don't belong here anymore. They are very clear that the arrival is quite soon, and they remind us again that it will all become quite easy.

Let's just do three OM's, and send our love and blessings out across the world, anchoring deep into this ley line driver wheel that we are sitting on that is Mother Egypt. We do this so that all of these blessings go across all the Ley Lines, all over the world. All the things that we have learned on this pilgrimage that we don't yet understand, all the things that have come to us that we still don't recognize, all this new energy, we ask that it goes across the sound waves, through the ley lines with our voices. (Everyone does 3 Om's)

Thank you Mother Egypt for letting us walk your lands. Thank you Mother Sekhmet for the incredible power that you have shown us. Thank you Goddess Isis for your love. Thank you Master Thoth for the wisdom. Thank you to the Hathors for the joy and the dancing and the love. Thank you Creator for this group, these lands, all the opportunities that we are have had, and all those that took care of us while we were here and watched over us, fed us, cleaned our rooms, and navigated our sail boat. Thank you Mother Earth for putting up with humanity for so long as we struggled to wake up. Thank you for being so gentle to us during this transformation so we would survive. Thank you Father Sky for teaching us so much, and Mother Moon that is setting.

Then, as we are about to exit this amazing temple, Archangel Michael pops in, and he says, "You are a speck in the Universe that is just about to get a little brighter." And the Immortals say "Welcome home."

And now as we walk back, (and as you finish reading this) we walk into our new world.

This was our last sacred site that we would visit on this Egypt pilgrimage. And it was simply a perfect ending and also a new beginning that we could ever have imagined. Thank you Quest Travel, Ahmed and Doaa and all the others, too many to mention.

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