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A short but powerful word for word transmission from The Star Elders
The Star Elders and insights from Aluna Joy.
From Sedona's Throat Chakra on 2/9/2019

You have outlived your programming for this incarnation.
An earth year now offers you the growth of a lifetime.
You have never attempted this process before.
You are racing to catch up, but you are being supported.
The rules of nature are now upgraded into the current cycle.
Re-harmonization is in process.

Your entire life experience is being measured to a new standard.
You are being held accountable for everything,
even for those things you mis-created before you awakened.
You are being re-aligned for all actions that can not go further.
But you have a choice...
To stay your course that is what you already know...
Or open to the possibility that everything is about to change.

A rare word for word transmission from The Star Elders

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*** My thoughts and insights...

We are reaching a critical point between what seems to be super sensitivity to feelings vs a growing lack of empathy. Neither is right or wrong, but it is part of the harmonization process the Star Elders speak about.

Older generations grew up in the previous cycle’s programming. This old programming taught us to ignore or devalue our feelings and to give our power away. This is how our world mis-created so much. We were not taught to listen to our hearts and, most of all, our higher-selves. We might be viewed as insensitive during this time. This is why humanity now needs to back track, and clean up the past.

Younger generations are now growing up in the new cycle frequencies, and because of this, they are valuing each and every feeling. We might call them snow flakes, but are they? If we are to clean up the unconscious mess our world is in right now, we need to listen and feel each and every feeling, and then have the self-worth, and empowerment to act on them.

This process is challenging. It may cause anxiety to older generations, because they are not use to allowing themselves to feel so much, and in such detail . . . and most of all, to feel the support to act on this inner truth.

It is challenging to younger ones as well. It may cause confusion, lack of commitment, and they might often become ungrounded. They can deal with all the heightened feelings, but they do not have the gift of wisdom that living many decades brings. I think we can help each other through this harmonization process if we can go beyond our personal perspectives that we grew up with, and build a bridge between the younger, super consciousness and elder wisdom!

Regarding the last line, where the Star Elders are saying that “everything is about to change”, we have to remember that Star Elder consciousness comes from a much bigger timeline than we do. With my lifetime experience of working with the Star Elders, when they say things with a time line imprint on it, that sounds like it could happen right now; this could mean tomorrow, but most likely it means many months or even years from now. So breathe. This change will most likely not come in a flash. It is to hard on the survival of our human spacesuit. The universe will give us time to adjust to the many layers of change coming.

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A Pilgrimage to The Maya's most Magical Cities . . . Palenque - Tikal - Quirigua - Copan
A Joy Filled Ceremonial Initiation
Anchoring into our New Hearts!
March 15 - 25, 2019

Earth and humanity has finished Crossing the Milky Way (to the Maya this is a place of great transformation) and new energy is now being released. It is time for us to go back. This is our first trip to Tikal, Quirigua and Copan since 2012!

The lands of the Maya are deeply healing, regenerating, tranquil and peaceful green jungles that are drenched in the creative force of the universe . . . the sacred creative power of the divine feminine. This pilgrimage is filled with Messages from the Ancient Ones, Meditation and Ceremony.

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Aluna in the gate of King Arthur's Tintagel.

Why YOU are called to partake in a Sacred Pilgrimage.

To embark on a sacred pilgrimage is to answer your soul's deep yearning to fully awaken. It truly means to step outside of yourself in order to encounter the God within you. You are called to discover divine grace, deep peace and awe inspiring splendor that of which you truly are. So... you are drawn to places where Gods and Goddesses, Knights and Queens, Ascended Masters, and Divine Light has anchored itself on Earth. These are places where heaven touches Earth. These places are often marked by the construction of mystery filled ancient temples, timeless majestic pyramids, cosmic stone circles, healing sacred wells, occult ley line grids upon the Earth. Even chapels and cathedrals are build on top of ancient energy nodes on earth. Even modern day crop circles are build upon sacred eneries.

A pilgrim consciously and gently wanders in these sacred places with an open heart and an open mind to receive the divine. These sacred places produce high frequency cosmic starry light that deeply inoculates our very souls with holy and divine energies. This is why we change and awaken further after each pilgrimage. Our eyes are opened! These sacred sites work beyond belief and limiting programming, beyond simple faith, beyond the constraints of the worlds religions. This brilliant divinity goes straight into our higher heart and initiates a divine conversion. We begin to find our deeper purpose and become more abundant in all areas of our path. We become more compassionate, humble and kind with a deeper, more encompassing wisdom. Our world based ego fades away and LOVE replaces it. Simply put, we begin to embody our divine path.

This is why we do not offer "tours", and we are not "tourists". We are humble pilgrims, a gathering of joyful soul family of open and unified hearts, with a common passion to awaken brilliant light and the Divine Living Master within us and humanity.
~ Aluna Joy