This message was received at the Palace of the Star Elders, and Hall of Records in Palenque, Mexico.

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The Star Elders, Archangel Michael, and Lord Pakal through Aluna Joy
Message Received on 3/16/19, Recorded live,
but edited to make more sense and flow to those reading this now.
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - - Ⓒ 1995-2019

I see a little square cube that is oscillating crazy fast like an atom does in each of our cells. The light cube quickly implodes and becomes a circle, and then goes back out into a cube. The cube and the circle are core symbols to ancient Maya cosmology. The square is the Earth and physical reality, and the circle is the spirit and everything non-physical. The square is about our human spacesuit, and the circle is our limitless spirit. They are the building blocks to everything in heaven and Earth, and they contain every possibility and ability. When it oscillates, we can be both body and spirit. This light cube is a gift to help us remember and to heal because we forgot who we are. . . . Now I am seeing an amazing, living rainbow, kaleidoscope energy. This is an advanced complex form of what they just showed me with the cube. It is morphing out from the center and moving out into the world. It is beautiful and multi-colored. Ok . . . I think they are offering us an activation. So are we ready? Let's dig further to see what this is all about.

Archangel Michael reminds me that we came here (Palenque) with the intent for healing on all levels. So he says this is the beginning of this healing. I asked within about what are we going to do today, and I hear this now . . . We are to merge with the fast, oscillating light cube, and then they will layer the constant motion, rainbow, kaleidoscope energy. I am sure as we go on that they will make sense of this, and relate it to our lives in human form.

I see that this living rainbow, kaleidoscope energy rises up from the planet's ley lines and nodes first. Then the energy slowly moves out into the world, so the entire world will have the opportunity and benefit of this energy. For now, I see the energy will be less concentrated the further it goes out from the source. Once all the ley lines of the Earth are fully activated, there will be no deterioration of the energy as it moves across the planet. There are many brave ones working daily on the energy grids all over the Earth. Palenque is built on top of one of two main Earth arteries (ley lines) that circumnavigate our planet. Here in Palenque, we are working with the Plumed Serpent Ley Line. The healing offered here today will begin from a pure and concentrated form of this energy, from this ley line, infused with the wisdom of the oscillating cube, and the stunning rainbow kaleidoscope.

(Archangel Michael, the Star Elders and Lord Pakal say those reading this with an open heart will receive the pure and concentrated form of this energy no matter where you are.)

Are you open to having a physical, soul and spiritual healing on all levels, including your amnesia in this life, your past lives, and ancient lineages? This is what they are offing us today. You must give permission for this activation to take place as you read this, because we/they never force or push any energy on anyone as this is an invasion of your free will, personal boundaries, and sacred space. (If you are not called to this message, you can stop reading here.)

Archangel Michael, the Star Elders and Lord Pakal want us to allow the energy to come into the heart of our beings. Please place your bare feet on the ground, and make sure you are in a space where you will not be disturbed until you are finished with this process. Have pure drinking water nearby as well. Also, do what feels natural for you.

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The process begins . . .

Phase 1 - Upgraded circulatory system, and the return of universal memory.

I can see the Earth's circulatory system which is rising up from this powerful, Plumed Serpent Ley Line. It is rising up in us now, and it is grounding us to the Earth's energy lines. This energy will come up into our feet, and up our legs first, and, in a few moments, it will go all the way up through our crown chakra. This will give us much needed grounding for what will follow. Now they are showing me the Palace in Palenque. They are showing me that the Hall of Records (a living library) is being opened up to us. It will come in a vibrational form, which will be a groundbreaking and advanced energy and will be new to this Earth. This energy is pure consciousness from the new cycle that has already arrived. We might feel a vibration, or have some temporary pressure or ringing in our ears. In this circulatory system, I see the filaments of colors, red and yellow/gold with some white/silver brilliant light, coming up our legs to our hips and slowly filtering up through our bodies. They say we will be keepers of this energy, and this is a gift from the living library here in Palenque. We are being beautifully infused.

Breathe that in for a few minutes. We need some grounding, so make sure your feet are on the ground.

They are showing me the Hall of Records again. The Hall of Records is the history of the universe and our place within it. But it is also contains infinite possibility for our future. Our place in the history of the Universe is a bit different for each of us because of our personal history, experience and perspective. But at the core, it is the same. They are giving us the living records that belong to us, including the things that we hid away in the past, and those things that our soul agreed to carry forward. We never lost anything, but we did lock much away for future use. Maybe this is why we sometimes feel that we arrived on Earth to soon. This wisdom and information goes back eons, if we could place a time line of infinity. They say the healing that they are offering us today will come automatically and in phases, or stages, as our old body memory begins to move aside, and we remember wisdom and truths that we really never forgot. This will not be a memory that we will receive in our head. Most of the really good stuff that we search for comes into our body as a feeling, and then we will have a series of "ah ha" awakenings that unpack it.

I now see the filaments of light moving up our bodies in red, yellow gold and wrapped in silver white. Hold this light in your heart now, and intend that we will remember the source of all that is. This is the source that we are always a part of. If you feel dizzy or fuzzy, make sure you are standing, or sitting, in a stable way. And I see the guardians of this place sending a great amount of gratitude to us today (and those reading this). Breathe that in for a few minutes, and pay attention to your heart and what you feel.

When we came into this body, we had to forget almost everything we knew. If we had remembered everything, it would have been so unbearable that we would have not survived. So we don't remember our whole universal history, and our place in it. Yet this is exhausting for our soul, because we never stop searching until we find all the missing pieces. It is almost like trying to start a car with a missing spark plug. We are misfiring all the time, and we know it in our hearts. So this is part of the reason why they are offering this healing today. It is why part of this process is us receiving an upgraded and circulatory system, and the memory of the history of everything, and our place in it.

Now the energy has risen to our hearts, and it is moving to our higher hearts and crown chakra. To complete this process, take a few moments to take this energy all the up to the top of your head . . . to the top of your crown chakra.

We ask that this phase of the healing is sealed into our higher hearts and our sacred place within us where we hold things that are most dear. We ask that it be sealed within us, throughout all time, space, and dimension; body, mind, and spirit; past, present and future; for all time . . . OR . . . until the receiver no longer want this activation. We might feel like a tingling spot, or a pressure, at the top of our heads or at our heart centers.

Wait a few minutes until you feel that this upgrade is complete. This could happen in a few seconds or a few minutes. They want this part to be complete, because next, they are shifting gears and offering another layer to this process.

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Phase 2 - Travel on consciousness with internal orientation.

Now they are showing me a lot of geometric images that are going to be hard to describe. They are like nesting cubes, with tubes, tunnels and specific directions. I am asking "What are the directions for?" They say that this is the concept or consciousness of being able to navigate the "TO and FROM" (to travel with consciousness). OK . . . now I understand why they made sure that we were deeply grounded to the Earth and on this ley line with the upgraded circulatory system, because they are going to offer us something that is not grounded at all. They are showing me that this is the energy of how the Star Elders travel on consciousness. The first time I was shown this process, I was here in Palenque in 1990. They are showing me the tube that the Star Elders used to come into this reality and to also return home. The "TO and FROM" goes between anything or anywhere, anytime, any thought, anything. It is our choice what the "where to" and the "where from" is. For now, they are just exposing us to the concept. This is coming to us like a lightning bolt of new frequencies. Just like a lightning bolt, the energy upsurges from the Earth, and it simultaneously shoots down through our crown. It is the core of the "TO and FROM". Once we feel this today, and, in time, as all the pieces come together, we will be able to use this.

All that they are showing me now is not of the Earth. It is in our spirit, our soul, and now in our body. The Star Elders are not much different than us, because they are our ancestors. They know how to travel through time and space with natural, internal navigation and consciousness. No maps, no GPS, and no asking outside for directions are needed. We already know how to do this, but we forgot. This is why they offer us a trigger to what we already have, so we can remember.

There are many reasons why the Star Elders want us to remember the "to and from" ability. It will end the constant searching for something that we forgot. This will help with fatigue, anxiety and nebulous frustration. There may be other things that we will need to remember in the coming days, but we won't be looking for this one again. This remembrance will help with the deep feeling that we need to be set free, or feel trapped, because, we will know that we are free. We have the ability to travel at any time as long as it is within our divine purpose. In these chaotic and quickly transformational times, we may need to get out of the way of crumbling programs very quickly. So knowing the "to and from" ability, gives us the peace, helps us relax, and we quit feeling trapped. It is not natural for human kind to feel trapped like we do. It is natural to feel free and limitless. This is the reason why we have craziness and war, because humanity thinks that they don't have options. They feel trapped, and trapped people do desperate things. The Star Elders say that there is no unobtainable thought. If we think it, see it, feel it, then it is possible. Simple as that! So get creative and dream big.

We ask again that this final phase of the healing be sealed into our higher hearts and our sacred place within us. We ask that it be sealed within, throughout all time, space, and dimension; body, mind, and spirit; past, present and future; for all time . . . OR . . . until the receiver no longer wants this activation.

As we finish here today. I hear many wonder now . . . "How will we be able to travel on consciousness?" This will happen synchronistically, without trying, just at the exact time that we need it most, because we will be 100% present. Remember, trying to travel will only stop the process as we will be telling the universe that we are stuck . . . by "trying". Does that make sense? Just let go, be natural and be as present as possible.

The Star Elders, Lord Pakal and Archangel Michael honor us, because we chose to come in these bodies, to take on this very pivotal job at this moment of the great crescendo of creation. It is a very courageous choice, because we had to forget almost everything and allow ourselves to fall into a body. Up until now, it has been a blessing to forget how much we lost. It helped us with crushing homesickness. But now it is time to remember. Remember everything. What we forgot is exactly what we need to build the future.

This message was received on the first day of our Mayan Pilgrimage.
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