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. . . And What is the Time Line Encapsulation?
Great Spirit, the Star Elders, Mayan Guardians through Aluna Joy
Downloaded in Tikal Guatemala and unpacked in Sedona Arizona. March 20th - July 20th, 2019
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - www.AlunaJoy.com - Ⓒ 1995-2019

It has taken me months to unpack what I learned and experienced in the Maya lands this past equinox 2019. It became very clear . . . the foundation for our new world was rebooted and anchored. It has been problematic to write about what we experienced on this pilgrimage in a linear format, so this message needs to be taken in as a whole. Sorry, it is a long one. I said in my earlier post (http://www.alunajoy.com/2019-04-22-newtimerealities.html) that I would share at a deeper level soon. This will be my attempt to do this. I hope it translates well to you.

Multiple timelines are being encapsulated . . .
(definition of "time lines being encapsulated" . . . an entire age of experience, or large completing cycle of time, that is compressed or reduced down into one purified point in time, to create a fertile seed, or pure essence of truth, or a foundation stone in which to begin to manifest within a new cycle, a new reality within a higher frequency in the new Earth template.)

Multiple pivotal events, and profound time lines from the past, (we are hearing back as far as the last 10,500 years and more) are now being folded over, INTO us, like a collapsing accordion, and they are being encapsulated into our new world, reality template. These profound past events are creating a framework for the new Earth template. This is an unfinished shell of a foundation for humanity to build the new vision they hold. This template is a core truth, the only constant in all cosmic and Earthly cycles throughout all time, dimension and ages. Everything inside this new framework is still from the old world, past cycle, including our current crumbling and barely working reality. This is the framework for our new world, so all creation will now be brought up to code, and up to the standards of the new incoming frequencies, in which only truth can stay in material form. This is all happening quickly now, and I am sure that you are feeling the many complex layers of which you need to simultaneously navigate these days. (Symptoms and personal impact will be listed later in this article.)

Multiple timeline nodes are crossing our current time line . . .
Profound Earthly and cosmic events in the past that have impacted evolution physically or spiritually, create new cycles or calendars. There are uncountable cycles. When time cycles cross over one another as they spiral inward (time cycles into the center of a golden mean spiral), they create power nodes, energy points or portals in time in which past profound events can be accessed in current time. Today, at this point in time (roughly from the years 2012/2013 to 2021/2022), a matrix of evolutionary and life changing events in the recent and ancient past are crossing over onto our current time line, all in a very short period of time. This period of time is highly concentrated life experience like we have never experienced.

Now, I hope I have not lost you already . . . but if you are still with me, then maybe the rest below is part of your destiny as new Earth builders. We need to work together to create pure, valid, true content to fill in this new Earth template.

During this past Equinox (March 20th, 2019), we became clear about many dates/pivotal historical evolutionary events that are now crossing over this time and being encapsulated into the new Earth template. Each auspicious date, going back in time, is separated farther apart at a multiplying rate of time. Looking back in time, these dates become less concentrated in time as it fans out spiraling backwards (many of these auspicious dates will be explained on further down). All past pivotal evolutionary events have been spiraling inward to the condensed center of a golden ratio spiral.

This Equinox, on March 20th, 2019, was a huge pivotal turning point. Leading up to the Equinox, the energy was really unpredictable. We were riding chaotic waves, and navigating massive oscillations . . . going from very deep peace to being frantic, fractured and unfocused. We are still feeling an inner pressure now, and we will continue to do so until this creation event has passed. On the full moon of May 18th, 2019, we saw a huge addition of cosmic fuel to assist with the clearing of all miss-creations that are still inside the new Earth template. Then we were blasted through an eclipse portal with five planets in retrograde on July 2nd through July 16th, 2019. All miss-creations no longer resonate with incoming frequencies. The grace period is over.

When I began to become clear about this time line encapsulation . . .
We entered the site of Tikal on Equinox morning, and we hiked out to the base of the massive Temple 5 to do our fire ceremony. Many people felt quite faint as we began to set up the ceremony. I never feel faint, so the feeling that I was about to go down for the count really got my attention. This was a huge wave of energy coming in that was attracted to our group's heart and intent (and I am sure this energy was attracted to all the thousands of people working with the Equinox energy). This fainting feeling was released very quickly as we began to do the work. Don Julio Tot, our Mayan shaman, called in the 20 Mayan Nahuatl guardians with heart and passion. When he called in KAN, the serpent, the fire spoke back with a fire tornado. This was the fire telling us that we were holding good energy for the future. Many thanks to Guatemalan Mayan and Shaman Julio Tot and Mexican Mayan Elder Enrique Encalada! Both are long time brothers and blessings to me.

We all could feel that much would change in the outer world after this day. I was glad that we were inside a sacred site of Tikal surrounded by the guardians. It was the most powerful Equinox that I have ever felt, and I am so glad that I listened to the call and made the trip with so little time to prepare.

Later that night, our group went back into Tikal to meditate on top of the Moon Temple for the mystical full moon. As we walked into the site in the dark, we did not feel one spirit or guardian. As we sat on top of the Moon Temple, we were completely alone. This is very unusual. It was like the torch was passed onto us, and the guardians left. I could feel the heavy weight of this responsibility on my body. We could see the aura of the temple, and it was now violet. It has always been blue in the past. I asked about this, and I heard that we would need to assimilate all that we received (This is true for those reading this as well). Everything at its core had changed. The Earth's aura had risen a vibratory notch up, and now we are being asked to go into the future with this new energy. Our group carried this energy to the next two sites, Quirigua and Copan, both of which had also shifted frequency quite profoundly.

Now that I am home, and I have spent a lot of time unpacking all that was given to us, some of it has become clear. Happening now, there are huge timeline events crossing over current time now. It feels like all that we have experienced in this current cycle of time (26000 years) has now been condensed, assimilated and sealed into a collective group experience creating a foundation for something new. We are entering into a new place with a cocoon, or embryo of experience created from our past, linear time, but we are now starting to operate in spherical, fractal-like time. Time line node points connect to Earth-based node points (many sacred sites) at various times and places. This crossing of Earth and time creates extremely powerful portals which can never be predicted. Earth-based node points are fairly well mapped, but multiple oscillating timeline portals are impossible to predict, at this time, as to when or where they will connect with the Earth. We saw evidence of this by how our group reacted inside the scared sites by going extremely deep. Once our work was done, and we left the temples and went back into the world, we were not able to hold focus well, because much of the outer world was and is in great flux and out of date. It is like we are barely juggling our old life in the last bit of living in linear time, while we are now creating in timelessness or spherical time.

So . . . at this point in time, congruent life forms are collecting relevant, pure and auspicious truths from past time line nodes. These nodes are now crossing or folding over onto humanity and all life forms, like layers of truth and experience in time. This is for us to carry forward. Once we have fully encapsulated the relevant and truth from past nodes, we will fill in the new Earth templates with pure content, and bring our pure visions into the future.

Here is a brief list of only a few time line nodes that we know are folding over onto our current time . . . starting at the most recent date and working backwards into the past. (Of course each date and so many other dates deserve an entire article all to themselves.)

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> 2019, (Equinox, March 20th). This is where the new framework was actually plugged in and is now in its "soft opening" to the new world. You are already beginning to see things starting to manifest in a new way. You might feel deep inside of yourself a new hope and positivity brewing inside, in spite of global events that look terribly negative.

> 2012, (December 21st). This was a hugely confusing process when the time line nodes began to line up and the encapsulation began forming. This is also when the Awakening the DOVE process began. (More about the awakening the Dove at these 2 links: http://www.alunajoy.com/2013-jan24.html - http://www.alunajoy.com/2015-july16.html ) This began creating portal links between earth and sky, and geography and time. This was seen and experienced in sacred sites on ley lines being connected to spherical time lines. Confusion and global inertia, lack of passion and purpose, and even collective depression began manifesting here. It was apparent that things were not going to work in the way that they had before. Full body channeling of the masters, that became quite popular in the mid-80s, becomes nearly obsolete now. At this point, our guides have pulled way back leaving us feeling quite abandoned. It became a time to learn to receive cosmic information within ourselves. This was the genesis of humanity's opportunity to become living masters.

> 2000, (January 1st) - The Y2K event. This was when mass collective fear, generated and accelerated by the use of the internet, was overcome by most awakened ones. Many people began to have better access to their authentic, internal truth once the majority of fear was conquered. This was a tipping point in the balance toward the light. Humanity would never dive into fear this deep again. Fear blocks our ability to access our truth. This event helped free people from external controlling entities, and it created energy and space to begin an authentic revolution based on cosmic truths.

> 1987, (August 16-18) - The Harmonic Convergence. This was when a massive wave of people where re-awakened. Many lives were drastically relocated and rebooted onto an entirely new trajectory. Some of you reading this might not even know what the Harmonic Convergence was. You might have to Google it for more information. The Harmonic Convergence was the LAST, big, global event of accelerated and ascending consciousness that came before the internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc . . . . This was a very big deal. (Since this time, the internet has been miss-used to create a lot of pseudo-cosmic events that have distracted us, or tried to cause fear.) This event was recognized by simply energy, and, secondly, discovered by old fashioned, word-of-mouth. It even reached thousands upon thousands of people that were completely outside the loop of spiritual circles who needed to be re-awakened. Sacred sites were being consciously activated globally for the first time. Sacred places, like Palenque Mexico, Mt Shasta CA, Sedona AZ, Stonehenge England, just to name a few, had mass, spontaneous gatherings. Also around this time, full-body channeling of ascended masters became very popular for accessing esoteric information.

> Then there was 1969! The first lunar landing had its effects on stretching humanity's consciousness into a more cosmic one. And ohhh, there was Woodstock, and its heavy duty, global wrecking ball that broke open old dogmas and socials rules, so the light could get in . . . finally birthing unconditional love, and freeing each spirit to discover themselves, which began preparing them for what was to come. So much could be said here, but I think you get the point.

There were some Trail Blazer human beings who were way ahead of their time. I can only guess they must have leapt through some timeline nodes. I only mention a few here, and it is not even close to a complete list.

> 1930's . . . Guy Ballard put Mt Shasta on the map as a sacred site where he met the Count of St. Germain. His two most famous books are Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence, using the pen name "Godfre Ray King." He founded the I AM Movement which is still mostly applicable today, as long as you ignore the 1930 mindset which is now out of date. One of his students, Pearl Doris, was my teacher. She has three books as well . . . the Step by Step books. (Classic Ascension books listed here: http://www.alunajoy.com/books.html )

> Late 1800's . . . Edgar Cayce, an American clairvoyant who answered questions on subjects on healing, reincarnation, wars, Atlantis, and future events while asleep. He was called The Sleeping Prophet.

> 1875 . . . Helena Blavatsky, a Russian occultist, philosopher, and author who co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. She gained an international following as the leading theoretician of Theosophy, the esoteric religion that the society promoted.

Then here are some other time lines that get sketchy as history, records, and other forms of antiquity were routinely destroyed.

800 years ago . . . This was the evacuation of the last of the Star Elder group from Earth. This was when humanity was put in charge of their own evolution, and they were encouraged to learn and live on their own. The Maya traditions still remember this event.

> Year 1 . . . Jeshua. No need for explanation. It was a huge time line node event!

> 400-ish BC . . . Plato. I feel he found a time portal in which through he could read the details in the etheric records of fallen Atlantis. He burst through the mind / philosophy barrier and opened the door between philosophy and spirituality.

> 10,500-ish years ago . . . Around this time, the age of Atlantis tragically failed and fell. It fell due to the catastrophic misuse of advanced, divine power of pure consciousness, merged with outer advanced forms of technology. This technology does resemble today's atomic bomb. The use of this atom splitting energy to wage war against human beings is a huge, universal law no-no. Splitting atoms within a physical body, with an atomic like blast, cracks souls. These cracked souls are unhealable without making the journey into death. To heal, they have to have a targeted divine intervention / healing from other worldly powers of light, but between incarnations. If they reincarnate without the divine healing in between lifetimes (as most do), they come back in with serious issues where they are totally unprotected and being used by malevolent energies. All kinds of physiological illness are prevalent in cracked souls that trigger ones to commit unspeakable atrocities. I share this with you now so you can find it in your heart to not judge and forgive these ones. As Jeshua said, forgive them for they know not what they do. Because of this huge crime against humanity, divine intervention was required to stop the total destruction of the Earth and humanity. This is where all the "ancient alien" stories begin anchoring. These are our ancient ancestors who had to reluctantly intervene in humanity's evolution. This age was chalked up to a "dark night of the soul-like" learning experience for humanity, and the entire age had to be rebooted where all human kind had to reincarnate. (We heard a few masters, avatars, etc…, made it through without death and rebirth).

> 26,000 years ago . . . (we can only guess at a date). This was the time for the conscious closing down of Lumeria at its highest point of evolution. All memory (knowledge and wisdom) was anchored on and within Earth, and within all living things, with a pure, protective, high frequency energy that can only be reached when the same resonant frequency is consciously present. This memory was to act as a core Akashic Library for future ages. They had mastered and enjoyed super advanced, divine powers of pure consciousness and light. They lived in spherical time, and they could live multi-dimensionally through time, space, and reality, all at the same time. A lot of Pleiadian life forms truly enjoyed life at this time. This was the end/beginning of a 26,000 year cycle that is now known as the procession of the equinoxes.

So this is the furthest we can go back on our 26,000 year spiral. We are out of time now. Before we entered this cycle, 26,000 years ago, there was also a previous cycle where a time line node encapsulation happened (This cycle is not in our Akashic records). I know that I might have lost you here by telling this story backwards, because we are still thinking within linear time. BUT… the Star Elders and the ancient ones say that sharing this going backwards in time, would help you bend your mind in a way that you might understand what is coming as we move forward and prime your mind for spherical time.

Ok . . . now back into this time . . . if you are still reading this, then I commend you. There must be something in this message that is going to trigger you forward. And I apologize for the length of this message . . . it really should have been a book, but this information needed to be out now.

We are seeing a lot of attention on many past, timeline node events folding over onto our current times in mass media. I call this the nostalgia phase of this ending cycle. Nostalgia only comes when we have traveled as far as we can on a life time, cycle or am entire age. We are out of time. This nostalgia phase is global; not personal. This nostalgia occurs before we make the big leap to the next higher frequency cycle. We are very deep into the encapsulation process now. This is why we are seeing renewed interest in things like epic old crimes, odd cult events, remakes of successful old TV shows/movies and documentaries on long past, historical events. We are seeing an uptick in Woodstock like events, revisiting Rowe vs Wade, music . . . like Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman, Yesterday, The Jefferson's, All in the Family, the remake of the Lion King, a look back at Apollo 11 and JFK Jr., etc . . . . Stores are full of nostalgia items like t-shirts etc. If you pay attention, you will be able to clearly see the folding over of past events onto present time. This is our current time encapsulating eons of vital information.

Now, because we can see the progression of some past events, we can begin to look forward in time. We must know our global past, and our personal stories to understand possible future progressions. But we can only speculate what the future holds for us. The future is not written in any form, no matter what anyone says. We create our future in each moment, with each thought, with each decision, and with each action and from our current foundation stone within. But we do have clues. We have symptoms, observances and trends that can point in a direction that we may be heading. No matter what every life experience, everything you feel, see, hear and experience in each moment is a clues to your future.

All past miss-creation events will be re-tried by today's more enlightened standard and elevated belief systems. The guidebook to life on planet Earth that you were given at birth is mostly an artifact of the past. A lot of things will come up to be healed or cleared or brought forward with you. We need to pay attention to it all, and not gloss over things that are uncomfortable to face. Simply said, many things that we allowed to happen in the past are not appropriate now. All contaminated creations will be encapsulated and locked forever in the past. All pure creations and intents will be brought forward with humanity into the future. A majority of creations at this point carry both contaminated and pure energy. This makes this encapsulation of only pure energy very complicated and challenging. These creation events will be super polarized, separated and cosmically dissected. Corrupted systems will fail now and only the light will be extracted. All events that are timeless and enlightened within a constant frequency of the universe, will be encapsulated and brought forward into the future and new framework. From here, we will make a leap to the outer rim of a new three dimensional spiral . . . the next 26,000 years.

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Possibilities of what we could personally experience . . .

Generation clashes . . .
We are hitting some major generation clashes while humanity as a whole is looking back as what was, or what could have been (the personal nostalgia phase). As we re-examine the past by current frequencies and standards, this can bring up a greater divide between baby boomers and the gen XYZs until enlightenment is achieved. All generations have challenges and all have great gifts.

The boomers have more, heavy, outdated programing to delete out of there DNA than the XYZs. This is no easy task. There is a lot more to process. Collective denial was a standard mode of living in the post, world war 2 era. Many human atrocities were simply swept under the rug as most simply looked away. But, now the rose colored glasses have been ripped off, and all events are being revisited within current higher frequencies. Their strong points are Baby Boomers know how to live in the essence of innocence and being carefree, and living without a burdened heart. They can let things go, and forgive wrongs easier. This is a precious gift, and it will be re-anchored in the new world once the miss-creations are set right. But they must be careful to not to go back and use denial as coping tool. The boomers also carry priceless wisdom of being witness to many decades of evolution. They know the social and connected world before technology was created. Seeing a bigger picture helps one understand the progression of events, almost like a crystal ball, to see where things are going in the future.

(Keep in mind this is a baby boomer writing this bit.)
The gen XYZs have much less old world programing to delete. This is a great blessing. But they have a shorter time line of information and life wisdom to pull from to make life choices. These are the first generations to be faced with the harsh reality of our world without the good old days' rose colored glasses. They are also saturated with too much information that is robbing them of their peace and innocence. They were birthed into a much higher frequency without the growth or maturity to deal with it. As they look back in their nostalgia phase, they see what they missed out on and are not getting what their parents experienced. They are the first generation to deal with rising divorce rates and working moms. Because of this, there is no road map to navigate this time. This creates an unfillable void inside them. The side effect of this void is a sense of feeling lost or overwhelmed and having a fear of commitment in all areas of life. They struggle with simple decisions or change their minds a lot. It is hard for them to know what they want, yet them act from unfounded entitlement. If they know it or not, they feel this timeline is ending. So XYZs feel that there is not much future ahead of them, so they live to the fullest now, not later. After all, society calls them the XYZs, and it looks like we have run out of alphabet! Where boomers have an anchor that promised a lengthier future, XYZs do not. This also creates a yearning for security, deep nurturing and life guarantees. This yearning will be a powerful catalyst out to bring about pure lasting world peace with full integrity and no denial. The gift they have for humanity is the fact they can operate from multiple perspectives much easier than boomers. This could bloom into knowing how to live multi-dimensionally. They are more independent, explore more work and life style options, relationship orientations, and travel the world. Where boomers are stuck with one job, and waited for retirement to travel. Because of XYZs having general lack of commitment to relationship, work and geographical locations, they are more fluid, and they can move quickly with changing energies. They also will help boomers loosen up and be more fluid as well. This will help greatly as we all let go and leap!

Humanity needs both the wisdom, heart innocence, and foresight of many decades of the boomers, combined with the fluidity, living with no denial, multi-dimensional life style choices, and the commitment to live NOW, not later, of the XYZs. Even though it looks divided now, this is a team effort.

As we move through this timeline encapsulation process, we might experience many more and new symptoms and/or have surprising experiences or incredible revelations.

As the time lines are being encapsulated, we could experience many shocking and confusing things that we thought were long over. We are being taken deep into the pure, ancestral memories, and are merging them into current life memories. Memory will become very relative as the encapsulation process moves forward. It will be confusing when we understand one person's story might have changed completely from our own experience. It will be a time where we will simply have to allow someone to have their truth, even though your memory of an experience is entirely different. Communication will be strange to say the least. At times, you could swear that others are speaking some strange foreign language that does not relate anyway to your own personal truth.

Sometimes you might feel like your invisible infrastructure that holds you together is falling apart. You may even doubt your own sanity because you no longer recognize yourself and your place in the world. There will be a tangible feeling that we are saying goodbye to the past. An entire generation of work will become only a foundation stone for the huge world manifesting in front of us.

Time line node events are coming full circle. You might have many full circle moments and revisit old energies for reassessment. This is you healing past issues in your personal, time line nodes cycles. This might bring up a need to control, but as you already know, control can slow or even stop growth in this fast and sometimes unforgiving transformation. We are in the deep end now.

Anger can be a useful catalyst for change (if only used temporarily) to release old templates that are anchored in outdated time nodes. Righteous anger, even though it is greatly judged, can create positive change and evolution. You might need to personally use the energy of anger as a catalyst to release old patterns. Some will use sadness or grief that can also be a useful catalyst. Any unfinished business will be next to impossible to avoid at this point. Do your best to stay clear from being pulled into drama or projecting anger, etc… onto others. This is where self-responsibility is imperative. But remember, God created all of creation, including anger. Everything that comes up in your life is a clue. Pay attention. So don't judge yourself for using anger, fear, sadness, grief as a temporary tool for your evolution. This is easier said than done. This time will bring about deep healing, followed by a deep feeling of elevation.

As we finish the dance between the old cycle and the currently landing new cycle, we could feel unhinged, lost or confused in our consciousness. We might feel like we have two realities going on at once . . . like the linear you and a new you are coming forward, and you need to juggle both linear time and spherical time at once!

We might feel a lack of originality and struggle to create new concepts, because we are still going through the last of the nostalgia stage. This will last until we shift into the new framework. It might be hard to manifest new ideas if you are ahead of your time. And this may be true for many who read this.

As we move out of the nostalgia phase, you might find the urge to toss out many things in your life. This may be relationships, a deep house cleaning, realignment with your service to the world, etc. Anything that ties you, or reminds you of the past, that is not beneficial to your spirit, should be cleared out.

You may experience an increased issue with temporarily not knowing what time or day it is, to months and even years. Time is already feeling quite weird. Fractal spherical time is being uploaded now while still living in linear time. It will feel confusing as you operate in multiple timelines at once.

Feeling heavy, tired, stalled. This started during the equinox on March 20, 2019. We are truly carrying the weight, and filtering through all relevant time line nodes, an entire age, within us right now. It is like having an over-packed backpack. This is also new energy coming in that we will learn to create from.

Experiencing longing or nostalgia or feeling a sad like undertone. This is our reassessing our past so we can understand what we will leave behind, and what we will take with us. The nostalgia, or sad feeling, is also our souls saying goodbye to many things that we will no longer need.

We might over-reacting before getting all the facts. This is because you are coming from out-dated expectations instead of creating from the new current energy. This will phase out quickly as we learn to hear and respond in a different manner.

Many are having dreams of past experiences with old friends, family, pivotal events and timelines. Is almost like we are just now reborn, or young adults, asking which path should we take. There are also a lot of people relieving old traumas that are manifesting in the physical body things that they thought were over with.

We might feel estranged or even exiled from our previous life or have feelings of deep isolation. We will vacillate between feeling lost inside oneself while feeling overwhelmed, crowded or needing more personal space. We need quality time with our soul without distractions.

The divine feminine is rising, even though there are actions trying to stall this. It is not going to work.

Increased success with healing, abundance and relationship, with an underlayment foundation of hope. You are going to feel abundant even though your outer world might not see this yet. But as you act more abundant, by doing the things you had previously put off because of money, practicality etc. . . , the universe responds and simply sends you more of what you acted on. Simply take action toward your goal. Therefore you will receive more of the same from the universe.

And even though we cannot predict the future, for most of the remainder of this summer and into the fall, we will be reassessing and retrying the past. This is hard work. It can also be extremely freeing and uplifting as we toss much of the heavy creation from our past into the universal recycle bin.

As we leap, most everything that we knew will begin to feel fake . . . like our life-style, food, interests, and especially our beliefs systems. We might even question the validity of everything in our world except the earth under our feet. Here we might feel very confused between the awake state and the sleeping state. At this point, we will realize that there is no difference between the two.

After we fully leap . . .
We can only guess what we might feel. But I am shown that we will have a temporary feeling of undefinable, great loss . . . like waking up from a dream, but you can only remember an odd echo of it. Also, we know this for sure . . . that time will seem to come to a standstill. But time doesn't actually come to a standstill; we have just leaped to the large outer rim of a slow circling new cycle where each circumnavigation is incredibly long. Having time slow down in a new cycle is the universe's way of being gentle on us as we learn how to navigate the new frequencies, like learning to walk again.

Global impact . . .
When the Star Elders told me this below, I didn't understand how much impact, transformation and destruction of the old world would have on humanity. Only now can I perceive only the edge of the magnitude of what they shared here. I only know there is more to come.

"Humanity's brilliant radiance of the Inner Cosmic Christ, in the unified Collective Consciousness, will strike a beautiful, encompassing, cleansing Violet Fire across our Earth. This birth of a new Earth will be a world of peace, working within global unity, and in support of all human kind in absolute equality. Our Earth will be governed by an awakened human species without the need for a government or laws. The truth will be lived; not taught. This was your divine plan all along." ~ The Star Elders - November 2018

The old school, old guard, old world, old leadership, old programs and the inherit corruption that goes with it is passing away and being replaced with humanity being self-responsible, and self-governed. The ultra-wealthy and well-connected will not be able to avoid the retrials and cleansing as they have in the past. Questions and situations to current issues and even age old problems are going to find answers now. This will empower even more transformation for this massive project of building a new world.

It has been a shocking surprise . . . . What looks like is manifesting in our world is NOT what we have been working toward for decades and even lifetimes. This recalibration has hit us in places that we did not foresee. This has shell shocked the collective deeply. The world seems to have fallen into a collective insanity. This is caused by tearing down age old denial where corruption was allowed and inequality was created. In spite of the challenges that humanity is facing, there is a deep knowing and positive outlook that is now replacing the hopelessness, depression and anxiety.

This is not a time to sit back and wait for a planetary rescue. We must keep working toward solutions for everything that is out of sync with our incoming new frequencies. Our world will not fix itself. We must participate with our highest intentions, the best we can each day, within this time line encapsulation process. Keep looking for your divine passion and purpose, but be forewarned … anything that you try to physically manifest or create now might change under your feet at any time. Things are evolving very quickly now so stay fluid. Keep your attention on your long term positive motivations and abundance on all levels, your radiant heath, and your harmonious relationships. New answers are becoming available now after a long and excruciating cosmic exhale. But those answers may not be or come from where you think they would normally be. Keep looking for new truth in ways and directions you never considered before. As the Star Elders have shared for years . . . the future won't be what we expected, and when we finally open our conscious eyes, it will be a big surprise.

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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in . . . A Star Messenger - Earth Oracle - Soul Reader - Sacred Site Junkie was literally born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. Today she has evolved into an author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant / clairsentient gifts to excavate current messages from the masters of ancient, enlightened cultures to uncover what affect this has on humanity and the collective consciousness. She is well known for her down to earth, accepting attitude that makes each one feel like they have come home. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to the Creator. "Our groups are family, and each one is a teacher and also a student. We work together as a team to unravel the sacred mysteries of life." Aluna coined the term "sacred site junkie" because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1986, the Inca world since 1996, and the Egyptian world since 2008, and the mystical world of Avalon (England and Scotland) since 2007. Aluna offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences and a free newsletter. She is the author of "Mayan Astrology" and her articles have been published worldwide. Website: www.AlunaJoy.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/alunajoyyaxkin YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/feelthelove2012

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There are things that happen only once, and then again, never exactly the same way. . . things that only we experience. There is no way to predict when magic lands where we are. We just have to put ourselves out there and keep our eyes open, and feel blessed when we see receive gifts from spirit. These are experiences that no one else will ever see in the same way again.

We joyfully offer Sacred Site Spiritual Pilgrimages since 1995 to the Maya, Inca and the Egyptian Worlds and the Celtic Worlds of England and Scotland.

Come join us on a Spiritual Pilgrimage!

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Aluna in the gate of King Arthur's Tintagel.

Why YOU are called to partake in a Sacred Pilgrimage.

To embark on a sacred pilgrimage is to answer your soul's deep yearning to fully awaken. It truly means to step outside of yourself in order to encounter the God within you. You are called to discover divine grace, deep peace and awe inspiring splendor that of which you truly are. So. . . you are drawn to places where Gods and Goddesses, Knights and Queens, Ascended Masters, and Divine Light has anchored itself on Earth. These are places where heaven touches Earth. These places are often marked by the construction of mystery filled ancient temples, timeless majestic pyramids, cosmic stone circles, healing sacred wells, occult ley line grids upon the Earth. Even chapels and cathedrals are build on top of ancient energy nodes on earth. Even modern day crop circles are build upon sacred eneries.

A pilgrim consciously and gently wanders in these sacred places with an open heart and an open mind to receive the divine. These sacred places produce high frequency cosmic starry light that deeply inoculates our very souls with holy and divine energies. This is why we change and awaken further after each pilgrimage. Our eyes are opened! These sacred sites work beyond belief and limiting programming, beyond simple faith, beyond the constraints of the worlds religions. This brilliant divinity goes straight into our higher heart and initiates a divine conversion. We begin to find our deeper purpose and become more abundant in all areas of our path. We become more compassionate, humble and kind with a deeper, more encompassing wisdom. Our world based ego fades away and LOVE replaces it. Simply put, we begin to embody our divine path.

This is why we do not offer "tours", and we are not "tourists". We are humble pilgrims, a gathering of joyful soul family of open and unified hearts, with a common passion to awaken brilliant light and the Divine Living Master within us and humanity.
~ Aluna Joy