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Setting intentions for the new year

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - Infused with a bit Maya Traditional Wisdom
New Years Eve - December 31,2022

On New Year's Eve, even though it is a Gregorian calendar cycle, many will be placing their attention on a brighter new year. This in itself makes it a sacred day. This New Year's Eve we can place our attention on cultivating pure knowingness (a step beyond hoping, intending, wishing, praying, etc.) and the collective rebirth (the step beyond the solo path and hermiting), and hold in our hearts a vision for a lighter and more joyful future for the entire collective.

In the traditional Kiche' Mayan calendar, 1.1.2023 is 1 AKABAL (west). This year starts off with a great force and power that is also considered the first gear of a much grander creation, which would make sense because we are just now beginning to anchor this new cycle into the physical reality. But it also represents the birth of new creations and can trigger great awakenings along with offering many new opportunities.

In the Yucatan modernized Mayan Astrology Calendar, 1.1.2023 is 7 LAMAT (south). This year will have an underlying feeling of not belonging in either world, the past or the present. It can be a very otherworldly and mystical energy, but also can bring a profound centering. And this is no surprise, because we are letting go of the old world and creating a new one. The 7 is the converging point between the past and the future. It's all about merging! Which is the complete opposite of the last ten years, where there was a lot of separation and division. The day sign of Lamat brings higher vision but is also balanced with great reasoning. Both vision and enlightened reasoning will be needed to create this new world we're stepping into. It brings a much needed profound community consciousness. Radical new envisioning can trigger an element of fear, as we will be stepping into the new territory. But this is something that we've been working on the last few years anyway, and I feel like we've mastered it at this point.

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As 2023 begins, we also acknowledge the need for self care and deep rest and healing for our bodies and souls. We have gone through a very challenging gauntlet of tests. We have suffered so many losses and betrayals and life changes, and have been living in a constant state of letting go. We have also had our eyes opened to the great necessity to take deep accountability for our all actions to be able to move forward. Without doing the deep inner work and taking accountability, and being truly honest with ourselves, we can get stuck on the hamster wheel. The word for 2022 was "relentless".

The word for 2023 is "RADICAL". It will be a time for radical trust. Because we no longer fit in our old lives anymore, and not in the same way. Nobody is out in front of us creating a path for us to follow. This is the path we must carve for ourselves and for humanity. We are the explorers of a new cycle and a new time. We are entering a new frontier. We are in lands unknown. And this is the land we are to anchor together, collectively. It's going to take radical trust, radical creativity, radical knowingness, radical vulnerability, radical honesty and radical self responsibility.

There are still more tests to come, but now we are wiser and more seasoned and as ready as we can be for what is to come. We have been painfully stretched beyond our limitations of the old cycle, and the past age has now moved into the rearview mirror of our lives. We have discovered how much stronger and wiser we are, and also how incredibly vulnerable we all are as well. We have become comfortable with uncertainty. Both strength and vulnerability take immense courage to get on with our next steps. We will embody a deep knowing that the way through is also knowing that the Great Creator, Ascended Master Realms, Angelic Realms and the collective of humanity are working with us. There is so much divine help supporting this ground breaking process. But it is still our work to do. And remember, we did sign up for this. We also signed up to do it in our vulnerable human space suit! What an epic trip we have decided to take together.

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So on New Year's Eve, I plan to prepare and set my intentions in a simple way. As an HSP, empath and earth oracle, (I know many of you out there understand, this sounds really cool, but it does come with a price), I will clean my dreaming space with fresh linens and spray a mist of Palo Santo. (You can make a spray out of any essential oil scent that uplifts you and clears your space.) I have washed all my windows to let in the new light of the new year. I will sprinkle sacred sand gifted to me from the sand mandala ceremony at the ending of a three-day-long Tibetan solstice ceremony. I will place it around each of my doors into my house. This way anyone entering my home may be filled with love and peace. I will sprinkle some in the center of my healing circle which represents the entire earth and all of life. You can do this too by sprinkling essences or oils, or Himalayan sea salt, or tobacco or tiny crystals etc. Get creative. Use what you have on hand. Our intention is to create an energy field at the entrances and exits to our homes with a lovely presence of peace and love. May all feel peace and love in their hearts as they walk through our doors.

When we acknowledge the doors into our house, we also acknowledge the doors within us. These are the doors where we allow energies into our space. We let people in. We let experiences in, etc. All our inner doors could use an upgrade and could be re-qualified with the energy of light, love, peace, wisdom, humbleness, integrity, impeccability, honesty, vulnerability and most of all heart. What we do in the outer world is also what we do in our inner world. So it's good to take care of our physical world, as well as our inner world.

As the sun begins to set, I will open all my windows and doors and ask the past year to leave my space. I invite you to find the places in 2022 that you feel grateful for, and give thanks. Acknowledge all the growth, and what we have had the courage to experience and survive in this last year. I have learned a lot this year, but I am also so glad to say goodbye to a year that was not too kind to my body or my heart.

When the sun goes down, I will close my windows and light a few candles, and I'll warm golden, frankincense and myrrh oils. (I also love these Palo Santo Candels that I use often.) I will envision a lighter and more joyful future for all of us. We deserve it. I will also ready and open myself for all the unexpected gifts the universe will supply in 2023. Remember the word for 2023 is radical. We are stepping into a new frontier and it is our turn to anchor this new cycle. We have all become accustomed to the void in front of us by now, and we all are starting to feel the great potential that 2023 is holding for us all.

Those of us who can see have learned that seeing the future is not there anymore, not until we take action and step into it with radical trust. But we do reminisce and feel some nostalgia for the days where we could see out into the future. Now we create our future with each step, each step being a little leap of faith guided by our fearless radical hearts. Only then we find that solid ground does appear under our feet. This is one of the new laws of nature that we are becoming accustomed to.

During these ten years of this new cycle we have opened our eyes to the imbalances of our world. We have discovered what we don't want to re-create. Now we step into the next ten years where we will create a new foundation for a new world, a future built upon a whole different level of wisdom, a more encompassing awareness and a more enlightened mindset. This will be a foundation stone for an entire and massive new cycle of 26,000 years. There are no accidents. This time is our destiny. And we've got this. We really do!

So have a happy, blessed, fearless 2023 that is full of LIGHT that we will anchor this new cycle!
And great heartfelt blessing and Thanks to you all.
Aluna Joy

A New Year Decree
for Releasing the Past and Creating a Positive Future.

I fully accept the GIFT of freedom from old karmic contracts.
Thank you Great Creator.

I AM free from feeling responsible for other people's wounds.
Thank you Great Creator.

I AM free from apologizing, defending or justifying my existence.
Thank you Great Creator.

I AM free from past events that drained me of my life force.
Thank you Great Creator.

I AM choosing what is right for me without guilt, shame or regret.
Thank you Great Creator.

I AM no longer feeding past creations with my attention.
Thank you Great Creator.

I AM free from anything that does not support my God-ness.
Thank you Great Creator.

I AM filling my future with self respect, peace, love and kindness.
Thank you Great Creator.

I AM focusing on what will fulfill my soul's purpose.
Thank you Great Creator.

Aluna Joy Yaxkin - www.AlunaJoy.com

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Aluna Joy sharing a message in Ollantaytambo, Peru.