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Through Aluna Joy Yaxkin from the Immortals
Isis Temple at Philae, Egypt received on 10.19 23
Posted on 11.17.2023

(Please read this message quietly and meditatively as the Immortals who anchor this temple assure us that the energy we felt while in the temple will transfer to you who choose to read this message now. This message is an enhanced and edited version with some back story added to the actual message to make it well-grounded and clear to those who were not with us in the temple at the time. Shared with LOVE.)

We entered the Philae Temple at predawn on a private visit that allowed us to be in this temple without any other interference. We walked with deep intent straight into the center, the holy of holies, a place that, in the past, only the highest initiates could enter.

We set up our simple altar space and prepared to open ourselves in hopes we may enter this temple's living memory and learn what it might share with us. We took our first moments to send love and gratitude to this place and to the Middle East, and to the world.

I began to share what I was seeing and feeling . . .

We want to send our love to the guardians here, the ancient ones, the eternal ones. We come here with humble and open hearts. And we ask that we . . .
See as the creator sees,
Know as the creator knows,
Hear as the creator hears,
Love as the creator loves
and walk this Earth in the right way.

Since we entered this temple, there has been a recognition for everyone in this group. (and to you reading this message now) We have been offered a protection shield. But I can see there is nothing we need protection from. It is more like an honoring and guarding of our sacred space. It is honoring who we are and who we were when we were here in the ancient past. Our ancientness is what they recognize in us because we have been here before.

I am feeling a "pulling in" of our energy. It is like we are hunkering down for a big event. But we are not going underground, like in ages past. It's more like pulling in of our energy strands so we are stronger and more whole. It is bringing us home. We are coming into an intense new focus. The space we hold is much like a single candle in this unlit temple. One candle can displace and neutralize the darkness.

(It was at this point I realized the physical symptoms I was feeling might not just be me. The whole temple was swaying so strongly I was concerned I wouldn't be able to keep standing. There were edges of seasickness. The last time I felt this incredibly powerful energy was in Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland this past summer. So I asked the group if they were feeling this.)

Is this temple wobbly for you all? They all nodded yes, and we sat down and encircled the holy of holies rose granite altar.

The temple and guardians here are holding us like newborn babies. Gently gently rocking us back and forth. Oh yes, sitting down didn't help much either, but at least we won't fall down. This experience is unusual for this temple, and it's quite intense.

The guardians, whom I call The Immortals, are doing two things for us if you wish to accept their offering. First, they are sweeping away all things from us that can not move forward into the future with us. They are weaving back and forth between where we have been and where we are going.

The Immortals are offering us a homeopathic inoculation to the future energies coming for all of humanity very soon. Sacred sites, vortexes, mountain tops, and other sacred places always receive new cosmic frequencies first, and then they spread out across the earth through ley lines and earth energy currents. Being in a sacred site allows us to feel these energies before most of humanity. This is one reason we have been called to sacred site travel is because we are teachers, a leaders, lightworkers, healers, etc, for the future.

So I asked the group . . . are you feeling it in the pit of your stomach now? Feeling a little woozy? They nodded yes.

This new energy is hitting the pit of our stomach now, our solar plexus area. This is where we store and hide many things that cannot move forward with us. There is no judgment coming from them. You've done nothing wrong. Your path is always in perfect divine order. All humanity hides things so we can deal with it when it's time to deal with it. Obviously, now is the time to go deeper. Just breathe into it.

The Immortals have surrounded us, and they have drawn our energy in tightly so we are as close as to 100% present as possible, exposing us to new frequencies. Soon, all of humanity will enter into this frequency. This is triggering a fast-track healing process for us.

Some will feel it now, some will feel it later, and some way down the line as the energy spreads across the Earth. (this also is true for those reading this message with an open heart ) This is an energy we will carry back out into the world. Our energy will inoculate others when we come in contact with them.

Honestly, I don't even think this is going into the next world. It's something else. This doesn't have a timeline. I don't see a timeline. It doesn't have directions, it doesn't have gravity. It's the pure essence of Divine Potential. Accept as much of this as you care to in this moment. If you've had enough, put your hand up and say you are full. You can always open the gate later to accept more energy later. You will lose nothing from this experience if you must take it in stages. The Immortals are pretty clear that once we leave the temple, it won't be as physically impacting as it is right now, but they are just letting you know how much of this divine potential you want to absorb now or later is up to you.

This is building a strong bridge that we are moving into. All of us here are living bridges. So they're adding another layer to this bridge. This is a much higher frequency, and it will make us feel wobbly with a little tummy wobble like a little bit of sea sickness.

They are honoring us for our courage. They are sending us love because they know it has not been an easy ride for us in this life. To them, it looks like we have been navigating our awakening in the dark compared to their experience. I can speculate here that their reality or dimension, etc, is where we are heading now. A place where we are not merely navigating in the dark but living in the light. And yet, in our innocence, we are still here asking for more. We look very courageous to them and very strong. They are saying it is a blessing, not knowing where we are. We are unafraid to open, absorb, grow, and face the unknown. From their perspective, what we have taken on with this journey is much bigger, braver, courageous, and purely from innocence than we understand.

The energy changes again . . ..
Are you feeling a kind of tingling now? It is just getting even more weird. Just keep breathing nice and deep, everyone. If it is too much, ask them to turn down the voltage. If it blows you out, it will take longer to recover, so take it in doses.

The love they feel for us is just overwhelming.
Do you feel that love?

The Immortals have been holding space here for a long time. What they offer us, what we take out into the world, is a blessing and a way of inoculating the earth and humanity. Our energy field will do this without trying, without saying a word, just by us going back home. We will spread this new frequency of purity of divine potential, outside of time and space, out into the world. This time feels like a closing for them; their job will be over soon, and it will be our job to move forward. But I expect this timeline to be much longer than we understand. It usually is. Humanity is rarely patient.

So now you understand the massive responsibility we are taking on now. In our innocence, we don't realize the weight of it, and because we don't, we're willing to take it on. Make sense?

Before we came here, our soul knew what we were signing up for. This is why it's important when you feel called to be in sacred sites, it's important to do so. It's your soul's calling.

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This divine potential that is being offered to us is beyond all the nonsense that's going on in the world right now. Unlike Mother Sekhmet (read the previous post here if you missed it), The Immortals are not paying attention to what's going on out there in the world in the least. Those events are only a blip in time, and it is temporary to them. It's not part of their creation, which we are now invited into.

The present moment and all its chaos and insanity are not part of the next world, and it is where they are putting their energy. And this future energy is what we are absorbing right now. To them, it is almost like skipping over the craziness in the present world, like sidestepping and moving past it. But it's not spiritual bypassing. Bypassing in our world is a huge issue. Everything going on out there is necessary to help everyone wake up, like the challenges, the loss, the suffering, the pain, and the things that humans are doing to each other right now. Humanity will come to a point, and they will understand the absurdity of their actions and the big illusion and the fact that it is not sustainable.

But it is not the Immortals calling or their destiny to get involved, unlike Mother Sekhmet, who is working deep in the trenches of humanity right now. But because we have been called on this journey together at this pivotal time, we might be doing a combination of it all. A little trench work, a little bridge work, and stepping into the future simultaneously. It feels like a tall order.

These ones, The Immortals, hold energy that radiates across the sky and the universe, much like Goddess Nut. They are holding the whole of the universe. They are allowing us to sidestep the craziness in the world and show people there is another way, just by being a bridge and by doing our day-to-day things that are necessary to keep this life going in different ways. The Immortals can see how grateful we are to have this opportunity to be in this land. We have come back to lands we have been many times before.

Then, I noticed the energy started integrating, and the wobbling slowed. But I also noticed something else. The Temple was warm when we walked in, and it began to cool off. It felt like new oxygen was coming in. It's like I could breathe! I am humbled by the fact that we thought we had chosen this trip and planned this trip ourselves, which was comical at that moment. I realized it was all orchestrated by the Immortals. And during the entire pilgrimage, we have been in this incredibly protected and invisible bubble floating down the Nile in peace.

They called us here,
yet they... are you.

We are coming home to ourselves. We are returning to the ancient beings we locked away so carefully and meticulously as to preserve the energy and the memory. I think this is what's flooding back into us now and into this temple. We are the ones who know . . . who remember a world without duality, who know true peace, the ones who know that everything humanity creates has been an illusion, the ones who know there is so much more beyond all the limitations we place on ourselves in this 3D world.

We had locked away our true selves for safekeeping. It is also the part of us that always loves, honors, and respects ourselves, respects our divinity. This is the pure part of us that is now returning. This is the part that doesn't play by the illusion rules of this world. We are unlimited by the current laws of nature because those laws are changing, lifting, right under our feet. There are fewer restrictions but more responsibility to live impeccably and within our truth. We will go beyond everything we have known and all limitations and programs that have locked away the truth. All this is now flooding forward to us to soak in.

They are pointing to the place we all have inside of us that always feels the need to keep searching. You know, that place we can't quite fill up, that place that always feels a little empty? What has been missing is what they are returning to us now.

So, we have received our first dose today. We are evolving past our dense human form into the beings of eternity that we actually are.

The Immortals are so excited that we came back. They are glad we listened to the call, and they are like proud ancient parents. This whole lineage of wisdom is now uploaded in our hearts. They understand the weight and gravity of this fact. But we are innocent like children, and that's the only way we could hold this energy. The way into the kingdom of heaven is to be like a little child. We are perfect for the job.

We are walking back home to ourselves. When all this begins to unpack within us, and it brings all that is appropriate from the past into the present, and as we begin to step out into the future throughout our days, months, and years to follow, we are coming home.

Now The Immortals are wrapping us, and it looks like kind of a cape, a pretty heavy-duty looking one to seal in the energy around us to keep us a little buffered from the outer illusion out in the world so that we can maintain this pure space of potential for the future.

We will never interact with the worldly illusion again in the same way. It is all going to be different. We can stand back and let the drama play out confidently, knowing it is all headed in the right direction. There's absolutely nothing anybody or anything on the planet can do to slow the progress of this awakening or evolution. It's already done in their consciousness.

Every human being that walks through these chambers again will feel a little edge of that wooziness and question a little if the world they live in is actually real.

Another wave of energy is coming in. The Immortals say we're no longer part of yesterday because we're about to enter tomorrow. Twice born . . . and we are home.

At this point, I felt I needed to leave the holy of holies so the group could experience the temple without me. I wanted them to find their voice in this holy space. And that's precisely what they did. Many stayed behind and started singing. And as I walked out into the outer chambers, I couldn't believe the angelic sounds coming from their voices. It sounded like a choir of angels. The only other time I've ever experienced this was in the king's chamber on my first trip in 2008, and I have never experienced again until now.

I hope very much that you reading this can feel the energy download that is embedded in this message. I'm just the messenger. I know that there are greater forces, masters, gods, and goddesses at play here when we are called to partake in these pilgrimages. It seems we are always called to Egypt in pivotal times, and you just can't plan this stuff. This pilgrimage was no different as the first bombs hit Israel just as I was zipping up my suitcase to come to Egypt. Literally!

Throughout the entire pilgrimage, we continued to send prayers to the Middle East, to those amazing holy lands and the ancient memories they hold. And we continue to do so now that we are home in our home countries. We are praying from a different perspective now.

Inshallah, Salaam Alaykum, and Shalom.
Peace be upon you. PEACE NOW and ALWAYS

Thank you so much to Andrea Nichole King, who selflessly gave her precious time while still in Egypt to translate this message and offered me a much quicker way to get this message out into the world. Andrea, I cannot thank you enough! You are a powerhouse and an angel.

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