Photo: At Equinox Sunrise the sun rises up through this doorway at Dzibilchaltun, Yucatan and lights up a Sacbe' . . . a Road of Light!

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Flowing in the Power of Pure Spirit.
Birthing a New Community of Creative Cooperation.
The Core Energy for the Next 365 Days

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

On Equinox the sun is balanced between northern and southern hemispheres, bringing us a unified space to begin again. Every equinox falls on a new Mayan day sign which sets the tone for the entire year. This day becomes the under pinning or the undercurrent of everything that manifests for the next 365 days.

The ancient ones knew that on the equinox the evolutionary frequencies of the SUN are able to penetrate our atmosphere more deeply. This can trigger a clearing and initiate another level of awakening in humanity. The ancient ones, the first peoples, all reverently celebrated this day.

We have certainly been feeling the build up to this equinox, being one of the most powerful equinoxes I felt in a long while. It has been intensity on top of intensity. We may have felt a little lost not knowing where we leave off and the collective begins. We might feel like our lives are being held together precariously and we might feel a little fragile. But we are stronger than we think. We are just beginning to access the magnificence of who we truly are.

Collectively the old paradigm is going to crumble even faster now. Anything that is out of alignment with the laws of nature will be forced to align with a new balance. If we have been living our lives out of integrity and have avoided life's responsibilities regarding our work in the world, our health, our service to our relationships and family, it will be time to realign and get with the new program.

A new frequency is birthing under all of the crumbling around us. This is the underpinning energy that we will create a new world upon. All the decomposing of the old world will also have a new frequency that is rising up in its place. It is all part of becoming ONE and is the beginning of the process of working together as a community. Unity in Diversity.

Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere is sacred lands where the Mayas anchored their wisdom in the past, and still carry it forward today. This brief report is the baseline, a foundation stone, for the next year according to two Mayan calendars.

No matter what is going on in the world right now, the day signs that the equinox falls upon are a powerful testament to the fact that we can and will change the world for the better. If we hold these truths in our hearts and give it our energy, we can make it so. We are creating the New World together and each one of us has a piece to the grand puzzle.

A Mayan Report for the year beginning on 2 IK and 8 MANIK.
Equinox cycle from 3-21-2023 to 3-20-2024
A forecast blending the energies of two sacred Mayan Calendars.

Flowing in the Power Of Pure Spirit
Mayan Kiche' Cholq'ij Traditional Calendar.
The Calendar of the Heart. (Spirit Reality)
Mayan year of 2 IK (Wind)

The numbers in the Mayan calendar are the power that drives the cycles of time. With the power of 2 (KIEB), we will begin to see forward movement where we will find ways to balance the polarities. We will begin to feel much needed relief as we move away from the 1 (Jun) year where we were in a semi stalled situation and it was hard to make anything manifest. But also the year before that was a 13 year period where it triggered a lot of powerful endings and clearings of old programs. The last age will begin to move into the rear view mirror as we enter the second half of the very first Katun in this new cycle (20 years). There is so much possibility in front of us now. We may not know what is coming for us yet, but it is going to be fresh, new and full of surprises. We will find empowering ways to navigate and heal the huge polarities that the last few years of major endings had created. The old polarized state of mind always accelerates with the falling of an old age.

The day sign of IK (Wind), is hard to contain in a boundary. It is the wind and in an instant the winds can kick up and change everything. We are learning to become comfortable with uncertainty and this year will test that wisdom. It will be a year that if we hang on to anything that is out of balance, the wind will simply beat us up. There are always those who hang on and want to keep things the same and feed their illusion of safety. But then there are the courageous warriors who are not afraid of the unknown and the huge potential out in front of us. Being flexible and going with the flow will make life less stressful and less painful especially when we stay open to all the surprising new possibilities. It will be a good year for ones who can tune into the subtleness of spirit. Also those who are creative by nature, you could initiate loads of new life altering ideas. Both the number 2 and IK are about spirit, and not the material world. If your spiritual life has felt stalled the last few years this could change now as well. We are being birthed into a new cycle and anything is possible.

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Birthing a New Community of Creative Cooperation
Mayan Astrology Yucatec Calendar.
The Calendar of the Mind (Physical Reality)
Mayan year of 8 Manik (Hand)

The number 8 will bring the much needed essence of harmonization, healing and community spirit. This will assist humanity in finding a new balance in all areas of life and bring spirit into manifestation. It is a gracious bridge between what was and what will be, and a step beyond old polarities. It is about restructuring and the new world will begin to take form. It is a time of being experimental and learning what will manifest now and what will not. It is also a number where we become more open to other perspectives and belief systems where in the past cycle it was very polarizing. We will be able to breathe easier in this energy and all the changes and budding new creations will be easier to adjust to.

The day sign of MANIK is known for its ability to dive deep into community work. But it also serves as a healing bridge between opposite desires. We may want freedom but we are also not too fond of responsibility. We could be torn between two opposites a lot this year. It is a good time to listen to the heart, as the heart does not lie, but the overactive mind will. The lesson for this equinox cycle is to find a bridge between the need for freedom and being interdependent in a community project. This cycle could bring the birth of innovative projects. The choice to move forward in any new endeavors will feel overwhelming this year as we will be in new territory with no roadmap, but once the choice is made it will only empower us.

Manik has the ability to be traditional and also embrace more eccentric focuses which can trigger unconventional live choices. It can be very creative. It can inspire the inner artist, musician, poet or writer, but we need to be flexible to see the new creations and not become distracted by outer or external tools. The extreme distraction with outer spiritual tools, (examples... crystals, books, workshops, etc) is a past echo of some of the issues we had in Atlantis, which caused the unbalanced energy that was the beginning of the fall of that age. We will need to move out of the head and the material world and come back into the heart over and over again.

This calendar cycle finishes up with 40 days+ of extremely powerful days. We will travel through the second 20 Core Day Ascension Portal, flanked on either side with 10 galactic portal days. Hang on to your hiking boots! This cycle will end with a bang!

(The astronomical equinox is March 20th at 2:24 pm MST. But the Maya Elders in Guatemala always celebrate in various sacred sites in Mexico and Guatemala etc, on the 21st. Let us send these Elders our heart energy and give thanks for them remembering and maintaining this cosmic wisdom.)

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Aluna Joy sharing a message in Ollantaytambo, Peru.

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