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A Message for the Equinox
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in and the Star Elders
Posted on 9.20.2023

We are entering into the energy of a powerful Equinox. This is a time when the sun is equal between night and day and creates a balance of solar energy between the northern and southern hemispheres. This is a divine balance on earth that brings a pristine moment of peace. On the equinox, the veils thin between heaven and earth. The Earth is significantly activated by increased solar storms that can penetrate Earth's usual protective field. Solar storms love the equinox, and as I write this, we have already had a near X-Class Flare. The increase of solar activity reaching the earth's surface activates us! The sun wakes us up! Plain and simple. This time brings an incredible opportunity for an accelerated awakening, and why ancient solar cultures celebrated the equinox times.

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Equinox is on September 23, 2023. Your exact time can be found here.

Join us on a spiritual pilgrimage in the rarified heart energies of Palenque, Mexico, for the following Equinox in March 2024.

As the equinox is upon us, we are seeing that we are finally traversing the significant gap between the past and our future. This past time has been a powerful self-reflective and soul-building time filled with hard-earned growth. It has been a time when we discovered profound, deep inner truth. We are moving past the reality based on the masses' negative ego, greed, lies, manipulation, and gaslighting. We are entering a new world based on truth, love, and spirit, even if the outer world does not reflect this yet. This equinox is a profound step setting off yet another chain reaction that will awaken and elevate the collective consciousness.

The way we will enter this next phase is to let go of the last of our attachments to the past reality. We will let go as we remember the truth that the past reality is nothing more than an illusion created by our old, sleeping consciousness. It has all been just a collective dream to be awakened from. The labor pains we have endured to arrive here have been hard-won. We are still grieving the world behind us while beginning to revel in the one we have stepped into. We are being reborn. Our second birth in this life is upon us. We are awakening.

There are already considerable irreversible fractures in the fabric of the passing reality. These ruptures will multiply and grow. These fissures can confuse but also be insightful and give us exciting peeks into the new reality. We can see this happening now. We are already beginning to see a solid bridge between the past reality and the new cycle of creation.

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(A message from the Star Elders)
"We can see that letting go of the old world has been distressing. It has taken monumental raw courage based on absolutely nothing solid to guide you. Your inner compass and pure heart guidance lead the way through an ending age's deep chaos and madness. Your sacred heart work has averted the apocalypse you so feared. Fear will no longer work to create this outcome as it has lost its energy from you. It is over. "

What you take with you into this new world is building a new foundation for this new world. Staying clear of anything fearful and focusing on living from the truth and love in your heart is vitally important. Your head, mind, and ego can only echo the past, but your heart knows the future! There is something extraordinary waiting for us just out ahead. Trust your heart and your inner compass. This is your guidepost in the sea of psychosis. This heart center is your guardian, protector, and guide as the past reality continues to splinter and rupture. But you know, this is the wild adventure that your soul came here for.

These very days, YOU planned to help the collective let go of the fear and the fear of change. You already know that fear is the only thing between you and the next world. You are the pioneers of this significant and momentous time. It will manifest what your heart intended. It is simple: let go, don't fear, and listen to your heart. It is all going to be OK!

Happy Equinox, dear ones who find this message! May the remainder of this year give you LOVE spilling over from your heart, endless HOPE infusing in your mind, STRENGHT for your body, and LIGHT for your soul! May you always walk in the LIGHT!

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Spring Equinox in PALENQUE
and the Magical MAYA LANDS - Mexico
March 16th-25th, 2024!

Spring Equinox in PALENQUE
and the Magical MAYA LANDS of Mexico
March 16th-25th, 2024!

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Pilgrimage to the Mystical Lands of
July - 9 - 24 2024

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Aluna Joy sharing a message in Ollantaytambo, Peru.

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