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A forecast blending the energies of two sacred Mayan Calendars.
A Mayan Report for the Year of 4 KANIL (Lamat - Star) and 9 EB (Human)
Equinox Cycle from 3-21-2024 to 3-20-2025
Aluna Joy Yaxkin - Received on 2.18.24

Beginning on Equinox, March 21, 2024,
we will enter a year anchored in 4 KANIL and 9 EB frequencies.
This is a double south year of creating realizing our unique visions.

Mayan Kiche' "Cholq'ij" Traditional Calendar
The Calendar of the Heart. (Spirit Reality)
Mayan year of 4 KANIL (Lamat - Star)

BALANCING the 3-dimensional universe and the four planes of manifestation is the frequency of the number 4. We are in the process of returning to the balancing of the material world by harnessing the elements of water, fire, air, and earth and the four planes of manifestation: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When the world begins to come back into balance, while there is so much imbalance, it could cause multi-levels of temporary waves of challenges and chaos that will come in quick succession. But we got this!

With the Sun Sign of KANIL, we will see another link to the elemental world and planes of manifestation. The Mayan Kiche Glyph of KANIL is the seed of life that sprouts with great abundance. It is represented by the glyph's four sides and the holes the indigenous people make to plant corn. It can represent the four colors of corn (red, black, white and yellow), the four races of humanity, and the spirit of the four directions, which are Relab'al Q'ij (East), Uqajib'al Q'ij (west), Relab'al kaq'iq' Uxkut Kaj (North), Uxkut Ulew Uqajib'al Kaq'iq' (South).

This year, we will have a strong focus on the creation of LIFE, LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, and WISODM, as well as the frequencies of the planet VENUS. Collectively, we will plant new seeds for the new cycle ahead. These new seedlings are cleared of outdated programming from the past obsolete cycles. We will be inspired to act from a newly upgraded focus and have a renewed spirit of adventure, making us hard workers for divine creation. This can be a harmonious and responsible energy if we focus on what is ahead, not what is behind us. We will feel compelled to anchor a great sense of HEALING LOVE throughout the planet to counteract the world's massive loss and gut-wrenching devastation.

A KANIL year could bring out heightened intuitive gifts. But, if we do not work in a balanced way, we could have many challenges. We will need to pay attention to our sneaky negative egos parading around as truth to make sure we are called into action for the right reasons and are not being self-serving in our purposes. Our impeccable motivation will be everything as we advance. Imbalances could make us spin out, self-centered, and restless, and we could over-calculate and over-analyze everything with our minds and thus lose all sense of the truth. Remember to FEEL with your HEART and SPIRIT, not your limited and programmed mind. The mind noise is not the truth! Plain and simple.

KANIL signifies the creation of the universe and especially the creation of LIFE and Mother Nature. It's a day to ask for new life to manifest, including everything Mother Nature produces. This year could bring great fertility to those wanting to bring new enlightened souls to earth. It will be a time of great human realization and deepening knowledge. It can trigger more sustainable businesses and conscious travel opportunities and manifest healthier relationships with each other and Mother Earth.

KANIL helps us separate the good seeds from the bad. We will bring our collective problems to the LIGHT. Creation no longer supports negative egos like arrogance, entitlement, specialness, slander, lies, and greed. We can grow and develop healthy boundaries so that we may not take responsibility for problems or drama that are not ours. We will uncover surprising occult enemies in the world and do away with black magic or the misuse of the Creator's divine energy. We might look timid on the outside, but our collective energy is very strong and tenacious, and we will be underestimated by those who might like to stop us. We will plant the seeds for greater sustainable projects as we go forward. These will be in alignment with the new frequencies of the new cycle. We will work together in the spirit of cooperation as we tap into the great abundance KANIL brings to us.

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Mayan Astrology Yucatec Calendar
The Calendar of the Mind (The Physical Reality)
Mayan year of 9 EB (Human)

In the Mayan Yucatec tradition, EB symbolizes the REBIRTH of the HUMAN. EB is represented by the grassy field that appears dead yet comes back to life each spring. We are starting the process to come back to LIFE! We rise up out of the cocoon we have hibernated in. This is excellent news after a few years of heavy energy and deep lessons. 9 and EB together represented the rebirth of the divine-awakened human, but also, the 9 brings in the divine feminine that will be increasingly empowered over this year. This year will be all about finally moving ahead with our inner callings. We have done great foundation work; now, it is time to see the manifestations of our efforts.

EB is about evolving the human experience, from the shadow to the light. Our trials and challenges, physical and spiritual, have strengthened us. We might experience more painful karmic issues to finish clearing up the past to make room for new visions. We are not truly evolved until we know how to communicate, apologize, be truthful, and accept accountability without blaming someone else.

With EB, we will use present and past challenges to awaken ourselves and others to new frequencies. We will develop natural strength and stamina and foster natural gifts for healing because of what we have learned from our challenges. What we faced, we healed, and when we healed, we can now help others.

EB will help us foster a strong investigative nature. We will be called to uncover the buried and all things hidden, like dark history and lost spiritual truths. We will understand ourselves on a surprisingly deeper level. We are coming home to our true selves. We are getting to get to know the new person that is emerging. With EB, it will be easier to be relaxed and easygoing after years of emotional trauma. We will have a stronger emotional bank account to feel the needs of others and not just attend to our own needs. All this will breathe new LIFE into our weary spirit once again.

Yet, in an EB year, we could struggle with the differences between our outer persona and intense inner emotions. If we are still repressing feelings of resentment, anger, doubt, and shame, this can quickly become poison and can affect our physical health. When self-healing is neglected, empowered by denial, entitlement, and specialness, it may poison us as well as others around us. With that said, this will not be a good year for "narcissists" out there in the world, and we can pray there will be healing for them. It is not our job anymore.

Relationships can be extremely important this year, even if it is fostering a healthy relationship with oneself. Eb tends to be self-sacrificing to please others, and we may resent this later on. It is time to reprogram this trait. Remember, self-sacrifice is not heroic or honorable like we were programmed. The knight in shining armor on the galloping white house is disempowering not only to the knight but also to all they try to save. Sacrifice is a construct of the past and not healthy if it drains you. This is a time to practice healthy personal boundaries. With healthy boundaries, we can keep ourselves balanced, heal our inner conflicts, and better serve the collective in a healthy, empowered way.

In a year of EB, we could tap into strong ambitions and we will want to work very hard to manifest our goals. Yet, we will learn how to balance hard work with self-care. We will be competitive in a peaceful way that honors the collective whole. An EB year can deepen our intuition or psychic abilities, or at least we will be better aware of the emotional energies around us.

See the WHOLE OF CREATION as it is, not through our illusions or expectations. Take time to clear any inner turmoil that no longer serves. Internal confusion and anxiety come from attempts to understand our experience intellectually when all it takes is to LISTEN TO THE HEART. Let go of the noisy mind clutter and allow yourself to FEEL LIFE and SPIRIT once again.

EB can make us courageous souls with a more profound mission. We might overlook the beautiful gifts that the universe offers us. Keep an open heart for unexpected opportunities. Clear the mind and look for the positive in each experience without denying the current reality. Life is going to change faster now. The Divine Human is being REBORN!

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