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Aluna Joy Yaxkin with the Star Elders.
Received on 2.8.24

This is the last step! This is us mastering the material physical world within the new cycle. This is the meeting of our new selves. Our dense physical bodies are the last step in crossing the bridge, finally landing in the new frequencies and entering the new world we have envisioned. This has been the tricky part! We skipped this step in ages past, so we are novices in this process. We have never done this before with human bodies, but we are about to!

I noticed some significant shifts around the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. And it's taking me this long to post about it. This phase of our Ascension process is so utterly unknown to our body. But the deal is, we did decide to go through the shift of the ages with our physical body this time around. So what will we experience when our bodies start letting go of the past cycle and begin clearing space for the new frequencies to flow in? This is feeling really weird.

We may have mastered our spirit, minds, hearts, and consciousness, but our physical bodies are the last to get on board with the process of landing into the new frequencies. This is because our physical bodies were created in the past cycle with out of date laws of creation. This phase of our evolution is creating a lot of strange physical symptoms we have not encountered before.

Deactivated and decomposing primal programs from the past are still lodged deep within our bones. Some of these deactivated programs are over 10,500 years old. These are outdated operating systems enmeshed with the leftover residue of past issues, traumas, betrayal, wounds, etc., that are simply not in your conscious memory any longer. You have done the work! You will not be able to understand this final process with your mind. This phase will not make sense logically.

Our bodies are learning how to let go of primal survival linear mind-based programming and surrendering to the next operating system that is based on the ever-changing world of spirit. It is not linear. This is a matrix-like multi-spherical reality where everywhere we are is always now.

The new symptoms could feel like our nervous system is quaking. But it's not our nervous system. It is the old stuck programs that are desperate to drop away. It's natural for our bodies to hang on to old programs even though they have been deactivated. It is linked to our primal survival instincts. But this rigidity based on control will drop away. It has to. There is no other way. The only way out is through. We have never done this before. So, here we go! Breathe.

It might feel weird when walking, like floating, like like we are not quite in our bodies, but yet not ungrounded. In a way, our bodies are not our bodies anymore. What we see with our eyes may feel surreal. We had attached and enmeshed our identity with the old operating system. We are learning to detach our identity from this old, false operating system. We might feel dysphoria or general dissatisfaction, anxiety, or restlessness.

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Our bodies are working hard to catch up with all emerging new realities, and the pace of our awakening will begin to take on a multiplying rate of speed. This could create confusion, disillusion, overwhelm, insomnia, anxiety, the feeling of losing one's identity, and, on the physical level, a cortisol overload. We are rebooting our identity by separating it from a survival-based, fear-based operating system to a system based on loving, limitlessness, and thriving in the ever-changing flow of spirit. We are learning to surf the unlimited spherical matrix of possibilities that are manifesting in a variety of new frequencies and possible realities. We are definitely on the bridge between what was and what will be.

We are getting to know ourselves again, the new person emerging in this new cycle. Who we were in the past is not who I will be. We change as we leave the last cycle behind and enter the next cycle as twice-born human beings! This is exciting because most who read this will know we cannot continue the way humanity is now.

There are unlimited possibilities out in front of us. The trick is to wait for the right frequency to come to us before we leap. Many are feeling quite stalled, even lethargic, for longer than we expected. This can be frustrating, and we might try to push it. We might try on different frequencies to see if it fits. But this option will waste a good bit of our energy. We must have patience and wait for it. Wait for that inner knowing that just the right opportunity and frequency will find you. Like attracts like; trust this, knowing that the universe has our backs and will dial us into the right emerging reality. Once we enter our like frequency, most things that were not our matched frequency will fade away like they never existed.

Because we've never been through this type of evolution before, it will be challenging to explain or draw references to anything familiar from the past. So this is the best I can do. This time might feel like we are getting a next-level "walk-in-like" experience to reboot our bodies with the new level of creation. But it is not a walk-in situation situation. Walk-ins were from the old cycle. But, yes, this is going to be even more weird. This new phase will be necessary to maintain our physical body within the new laws of nature in the new cycle.

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We can assist this process by consciously intending to let go of that weird, tight, heavy, stress-like feeling we are having. (search vagus nerve release.) It helps with anxiety and locked-up energy. When you feel these unusual symptoms, talk to your body and ask that they drop away. Go with the heaviness instead of fighting it. Stretch it out. When the old programming begins to get released from your body, there will be a lot of yawning and glorious stretches that feel like you've just woken up from a 10,500-year-long nap. Because, in a way, you have. Let the heaviness drop away all the last bits of dead carcasses of old programming and send them down into the earth's core to be purified and recycled.

Other things you can do. It helps to do this process and clearing in a meditative state and keep telling your body it is safe. Treat your body like a scared little child. Nurture it. I suggest using high-frequency-based music. Set up a sacred space in which to do this. But always do what feels right for you to do.

By now, we all know what we don't want. Put this behind you now. Start claiming what you DO want in your world. Envision it! And then begin to put your energy there through some form of action. It doesn't matter how big of a physical gesture you make. You need to tell the universe what you want, not what you don't want. And find ways to add even more pieces of this future vision in your life. The universe is listening to all of you. Not just what you say with words, your intention is essential, but most of all, your motivation is what the universe listens to. So, it's good to have time to self-reflect to understand our motivation behind what we desire. Suppose that motivation comes from lower forms of ego like Anger, Pride, Gluttony, Lust, Revenge, Laziness, Envy, Greed, etc. We need to rethink what we are telling the universe with your motivation. All the above negative egos will not be sustainable in the next world.

"Humanity has been downloaded and upgraded, not just in consciousness, but this time in your physical reality. This is the first step to the new Earth template beginning to manifest in your living material world. Your dream of a new world is no longer a myth, a metaphysical belief, or a secret. It is now becoming a reality. Deep inside, there have been subtle shifts within you. You are starting to feel the process of embodying your true self. We hear you. You have wanted to go home for so long. We feel your struggles. But now you will find that your home is within you. It is not even something you know in your mind. It is something you feel in your soul. You will begin to feel more hopeful and have a new self-confidence level. You will feel your passion for your work in this world start returning, but not in the same way. You are now feeling the first step into physically embodying the template of the new human. You worked so hard for this. You have paid a huge price for this. Now, your patience has paid off." - Lord of Peace, Pakal of Palenque.

The Soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand - Rumi
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