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Aluna Joy Yaxkin - Completed and posted on 4.2.24

OUR ENERGY is our GOD-GIVEN CURRENCY. Energy put to action is our vote that the universe's creative force hears and must act upon. With each intent, choice, experience, action, or reaction, we are making micro-choices that will ultimately lead to a larger world in which we, as individuals, want to reside. Everything we feel and do tells the universe what we want. But we are not here alone. We share this planet with billions of other living beings who also cast their energetic vote for the reality they wish to experience.

What we see as division and separation in the outer world is simply others embodying their unique belief systems. We, as a collective, are beginning to claim the unique pieces of truth that reside within each of us. These are our unique codes. We are evolving beyond the past cycle, where we were taught to follow a program. For sure, this process is causing great chaos as we transition from one cycle to the next. This was expected. But once we anchor our inner codes, we will finally see a new reality emerging from all our unique pieces as they merge as ONE.

We have been navigating a cognitive chaos that has been temporarily created as we break free from the past cycle. It is part of the plan in this new cycle for people to have unique views and beliefs in the world, but it's not OK to enforce our beliefs on someone who believes differently. Enforcing our belief system on others is a dysfunctional echo from a restrictive, less evolved program from the past age where we were taught to follow. When we embrace our uniqueness along with the amazing matrix of belief systems and truths arising, only then will we see a complete picture emerge.

While transitioning from the past, we must let go of all ways we use our energy or currency that are detrimental to us or our future. Anything detrimental to the new cycle will not be sustainable in the future. We must be self-aware and make sure that we are making choices and that our motivation is based on love, not out of fear and all that fear encompasses.

Ascended Masters share . . . stay aware of the world and its issues, but do not feed these issues with your energy or life force. See any miss-creation as simply dissolving away. Consciously remove your energy from any miscreation that is anything less than love. The outdated programs from the past cycle will dissolve quickly if we take away their fuel and oxygen. All this boils down to asking ourselves if we are feeding the fear or love. It's wiser not to feed crumbling paradigms with our energy or attention. This will only extend the timelines of global suffering.

"Don't obsess over what's 'wrong' with the world. When you fight against a fallen and rotten world, you yourself become violent and rotten inside, and you contribute to the conditions that created the violence you now witness" . . . Stand strong like a rock, illuminating the world with your powerful presence . . . Fight for what you know, not against what you hate. Your attention is your greatest blessing, so bless the world you are birthing now; do not energise a dying world with your intolerance." - Jeff Foster

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Fighting anything also only tells the universe that we feel powerless against it, and we think less than our "I AM" presence that we are. If we are triggered or upset, we are not acting from our divine self. We are glorious beings of unparalleled light. But so often, we act like victims. Victim mentality was a disempowering program from the old cycle that was used to control us. We are stepping beyond this program. So, YOU reading this now. YOU are not a victim. YOU are a master awakening. YOU are immeasurably filled with universal truth, which is LOVE. You are a powerful LIGHT that, just by your presence, the universe must comply! Let that sink in a bit.

"Ascension isn't about escaping this reality but embodying ourselves in the here and now, in such an unshakable way, that that reality must morph around us to be able to contain our presence!" A Teacher of Masters at Bonampak, Mexico - through Aluna Joy.

Even though we know these truths of choosing love over fear, the crumbling world finds sneaky ways to harvest our energy despite our best intentions. This is primarily done through all forms of media, including social media, YouTube, etc. Even those who claim they are the truth but use dramatic means to convey this truth are harvesting your attention and your energy. This is not the light in action. Harvesting your energy is also done either consciously or unconsciously through family, friends, and acquaintances, our genetics, lineages, and contaminated ancestral wisdom from the past cycle. If you feel disturbed, upset, or angered in any way, it is not the light bringing this to you. It is an elusive trap that pretends to be light but feeds off you and me.

If any vibration is that of separation, division, fear, and drama, or if it feeds your special ego, or it plays to your kind-hearted sympathy, it is not coming from the light. It is harvesting your energy while pretending to have good intentions. This game is as old as time itself. It is not wrong that all these dark sources exist, but it is our reaction to them. Take accountability to where and why you spend your energy. Know what makes you shine and what brings you down, and choose what reality you wish to reside in. After all, it is your choice.

The universe is on our side. If we pay attention, we will see the universe will never let us stay in something we were never meant to anchor into. So there will be a lot of closures and completions coming for us and our world as we make better choices with how we spend our energy. The universe is listening to you all right now.

Global insanity will accelerate now as we begin to shift the reality of the material world. We must stay grounded and centered in the heart. Let go of all that belongs to the past without involvement, reaction, or judgment. There is no right or wrong. There are only universal frequencies. Withdrawing energetic support from anything that is not good for us is taking action from our divine power and mastery. Anything less is not sustainable in the future.

Remember, we are human beings, and we will not be able to perfect this process of starving the darkness from our minds and lives, not in this transitional time. But what is encouraged is to make sure your tipping point and that you are leaning your energy toward the path you find your soul most drawn to. Your energy is your universal currency. It is your vote. Use it wisely. Spend it in ways that feed your soul and helps you shine your unique perspective out in the world. We may not know where we're going as yet, but I am shown we are heading in the right direction, and for this, I am so thankful.

Post note: On April 8th... we have an excellent opportunity to see and release anything that still is draining our energy. A total Solar Eclipse will pass through Mexico, the USA, and Canada. Take account of yourself during this time. Solar Eclipses are believed to bring about swift spiritual awakening, transformation, and rebirth. Solar Eclipses bring to the light the inner shadows and bring them to the forefront to be healed. Take advantage of the opportunity!

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