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Aluna Joy Yaxkin - posted on 5.10.24

This next step in our process began with the epic total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, and it has not let up. With the first week of May, along with accelerated solar activity, we have begun to land into the physical world. We now have boots on the ground.

Over centuries, we have created a sanctuary and safe haven for ourselves in the spiritual world. We have raised our frequency, awakened our spirits, and dreamed, envisioned, and held space for a positive, unified new world. It is time for us collectively to bring our divinity into physical reality. We are beginning to anchor spirit into the material world while still in our human space suit. We are the pioneers of this process.

As we begin to anchor, we might feel like we are reversing or digressing, which might feel like a heavy process. We might be questioning many things once again. We might feel more fragile, vulnerable, and unsure. This is part of the natural process. We are bringing who we are as eternal spirits and anchoring this frequency into an unmapped world within a new cycle with new laws and codes of nature. It's like we are being asked to move forward on a wing and a prayer, and maybe blindfolded as well! What a crazy trip we all decided to do together!

Everything we manifest in this material world must be created in spirit first. I am told that all the necessary spiritual groundwork has been properly anchored. Good work! This means YOU reading this message right now. Give yourself some credit for surviving thus far through a shift of an age. Most of this work has been done within enough souls in the collective to begin to tip the balance toward anchoring higher frequencies and our inspirations and visions into the physical world. Now, the material world must come into alignment with the new cycle.

Our bodies are the last step in this ascension process, and the body's natural intelligence is feeling that it is crunch time. This is a significant tipping point that could take months, but most likely, it will take a few years. Now, don't go saying, "I can't wait a few years!" I'm with you on this. But we must take this step gently to maintain our human space suits. After operating in the ethereal realms, it might feel like a slog, but our bodies will retaliate if we rush or skip steps.

Our body does not raise itself as quickly as our spirit does. This is why our human space suit, our human bodies, are the last to get anchored within the new frequencies. Our bodies come from the denser material world. But our experiencing the material world as denser is not actually true. It is only our perception, based on our ethereal experiences, projected on something we have never experienced before. This is especially true for starborns. Welcome to the new cycle! Landing here has been and will continue to be a challenge for us. We have never ascended into a new cycle of time while maintaining our physical body. This is the grand experiment we decided to take on.

This upgrade is going to bring some fascinating insights and magnified symptoms. I bet many of you are already feeling the beginning of this physical regeneration. Some things we are starting to experience are a sense of building anticipation or pressure. Waking up at night more often. Noticing a shift in our normal dream patterns that are much more lucid, including more of the five senses (like taste, touch, smell, sound, etc) that are quite tangible and blends or blur reality with the dream state. We could also experience sudden bursts of clarity full of insights, making us feel more at home within ourselves.

Our cells in our body are experiencing an accelerated turnover rate to keep up with our anchoring spirit and light body. The body is replacing cells as fast as possible, with new cells holding higher frequencies and codes. We may feel a need to help this process by doing GENTLE detoxing. The first thing I hear clearly is to drink a lot of water consistently. Also, we need to exfoliate our skin with every bath or shower and replace moisturize with things that don't have any harmful chemicals. Organic coconut oil and jojoba oil are good choices.

Ancestral memory is held in our skeletal system. So, if we are having extra problems with bones and joints, it may be attributed to our body letting go of past memory that no longer serves us. The skeletal system is the last thing to come into alignment in our physical body.

The most important thing is not to stress about this process. It will be natural for primal survival issues to pop up during this time, along with doubts and second-guessing. The most important thing we can do is realize that our bodies have miraculous natural intelligence and is always connected to source. Nature is the source. Do not take the feeling of digressing as a setback. It is not. You are simply landing into a new world. We are merely grounding all of our light and divinity into this new cycle we entered back in 2012. Our ancestors sent us here for this important time. So, walk into this new world TALL, STRONG, and BRAVE knowing this. We are the architects of this new future. We are coming home.

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