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Aluna Joy Yaxkin - posted on 6.20.24

Blessings to you on this Solstice,

I hope you are feeling good energy building for this year's Solstice (the exact time and date is Thursday, June 20, 1:50PM MST (UTC-7) Sedona AZ). On our Gregorian calendar, it is one day earlier than last year because of leap year. We will be celebrating here in Sedona, Arizona, on the Plumed Serpent Ley Line that circumnavigates the Earth.

To the ancient druids, Solstice, a.k.a Alban Hefin, was one of the most important dates in the year. They built huge megalithic stone circles that align with the sunrise on this day. At the 5000-year-old temple of Stonehenge (some feel it may be much older), a modern version of druidism will be celebrated from their hearts at sunrise, as the first rays of the sunshine rise directly above the "hele stone".

There will also be celebrations for summer solstice in Scotland. The crown jewel of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides stands the unique megalithic Stone Circle of Callanish. I can feel this sacred site tug on my heart today as friends make their way there for their solstice celebrations. This circle is the oldest stone circle in Brittan and it is also quite unusual. There are four rows that lead out from a small inner circle. These rows reach out to the four directions, forming a Celtic Cross upon the landscape. Callanish is also aligned to solstice sunrises and sunsets, as well as the equinoxes. I feel this circle is connected to the stars and draws down the wisdom and frequencies from the cosmos. Then, Callanish anchors this wisdom into the Earth and sends it out across the earth in four directions. Callanish is so far north the sky never actually darkens all the way on midsummer night, and aurora borealis are viewed here often. Nearby Callanish on the Island of Orkney is a stone circle called the Ring of Brodgar. It has been known for centuries to locals as a temple of the Sun and is also aligned with the mid-summer solstice. Myths surround this circle with enduring stories of giants walking the Earth after dark. Ancient people could hear their thundering steps.

These days stretch my heart to encompass more in ways I don't comprehend. I can easily get lost in the great mystery of the many things we still don't know about these monuments, the ancient past, and the truth that was lost in time. All this wisdom still echoes within the many mythical stories and stone monuments that have endured the passing of time and history. All we can do is acknowledge that something significant is to be acknowledged on Solstice. We can send love to the Earth, the Sun, the Stars, and living things. We can only hope that it will all be revealed for us to understand the grander of it all. Hopefully soon. You can celebrate solstice anywhere you are. I am sure you reading this now, have a sacred spot nearby. Open up all your windows and ask the past to leave your home. Then go to your sacred spot. Light a candle, burn some sage, drop down into your body, with your feet planted on the ground, and offer prayers for Earth, Sky, and Humanity, and don't forget yourself. All that matters is the quality of your open feeling heart. Be humble, knowing we know so very little at all, yet we are truly amazing beings that go beyond our imagination.

Soon, our group will be sending LOVE to the Ley Lines and Sacred Sites from England and Wales as we pilgrimage together as one. We all do our little bit. As you reading this, will do your bit. And every bit counts! I hope to have time to post a little at the end of each day so you can come along with us in spirit.

Blessings to all
Aluna Joy

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