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Aluna Joy Yaxkin with The Universal Source - posted on 6.26.24

This past solstice has brought humanity to a tipping point in our evolution. But we are not growing beyond what we have been. We are returning to the original divine frequency, our unique God frequency, that is our soul's eternal birthright.

The next step we take is to enter a world where the distorted ego begins to be treated as a disease. Greed over the well-being of humanity will be treated as a crime. We are beginning to see this happening all around us. The growing cracks in the system are visible to most now. The birthing of oneness and unity within our diversity for a collective community is beginning its birth process. It is time. We are so ready.

In the meantime, a resistance is growing, and it may look like the "controllers" in the world are winning for a time, but they will not succeed. They will try to devalue or erase the sacred so as to have power over it, control it, abuse it, and silence all those who see it as such. They will not be successful. Our spiritual liberation is growing in the hearts of the collective. This cannot be stopped. The Universe demands balance, and a self-leveling process is now accelerating. It will feel messy and uncertain.

The world stage has been peeled back to reveal only two remaining sides. It does not matter what country you live in, or religion you follow, or your economic or social status, or the color of your skin. . . etc. The past world is coming down to an epic healing of these two last core issues. This issue is the chasm created between those who over take and those who over give. These two sides are a battle that has been played out since the beginning of time, space, and dimension. The balance is returning.

One side is the entitled controllers, blamers (who blame you for reacting to an offense they did), and abusers. These are the ones who feel an unquenchable lack within and unimaginable shame for this lack. It feels good for them to take. They seek those they can take from and those who have what they think they do not. They can never heal this lack by taking from others. Of course, their lack is their illusion.

The other side is the heart-centered, unconditional, sentient beings who know well their Godhood within. They live by the code that what we give is what we receive; how we give is how we receive; when we give is when we receive. It feels good to be of service to others. These ones are drawn to those who they feel they can help realize their Godhood but will deplete and drain themselves in the process. Of course, this is their illusion as well.

Most of us have echoes of both sides within us, and the outer world is now mirroring the two sides at their extreme on the world stage. Now, the trick is to learn to quit over taking and quit over giving. The universe is constantly working to maintain balance in the physical and the spiritual worlds. This happens within and without in the collective humanity, the solar system, the universe, and beyond.

But the fact is both sides need healing. Both sides must find the balance between overtaking and the overgiving within oneself. But this will be played on the world stage for a while, as we can already see. I am comforted knowing that each will heal in time. And the world never stays out of balance for long. As things begin to heat up around the world, remember that great balancing is coming into play now. It can create a mess if you're attached to either extreme.

Things have shifted dramatically since the eclipse in April 2024 and now again on this past solstice. Things are going very deep now. We will have more breakthroughs and rise up out of the blinding dust storm of polarization.

We are coming out from under all the illusions we have accepted as "truth" about ourselves. Serious alone time is crucial for us now. We are getting to know our true selves again. I am so glad I have taken the last couple of years to be totally alone with myself. This time is not changing us but restoring us to who we were originally before we fell into dense physicality on Earth. We are going back to Source while staying in our bodies. What a trip! Source is asking us to introduce ourselves to our original selves and to get to know that beautiful, divine, innocent soul once again.

Dear Creator,
Help us return to Universal Balance.
As Above, so Below
From Within and Without
With Ease and Grace
With Love and Compassion
For Ourselves and all Others
So Be It.

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