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England and Wales - 2024 Spiritual Pilgrimage
with Aluna Joy and Marcus Mason
July 9th - 24th, 2024

A deep and timeless pilgrimage into the Myth and Magic of the land of Dragons - Evolving beyond the Myths

These are the lands that are steeped in Myth and Legend that are as old as Time itself.
It is where Druids, Celts, Essenes, and Pilgrims alike walked lightly with Magical Power and Light.
These are the lands of the resonant healing Preseli Blue Stone Hills, the location of the Original Stonehenge.
These are the lands of the Red Dragon of Cadwaladr and Lion Heart of England.
We seek to Remember the Truth behind the old stories the ancients shared near warm fires under starry skies.
Join us as we set out on a pilgrimage to blur the lines between History, Myth and the Truth of Timeless Wisdom.
As we will hear the echos of our ancestors, we Remember our Future and our Destiny.
And to Remember we are the ANCIENTS RETURNED.

Exploring these Sacred Sites:
ENGLAND SITES: Private Visit in Stonehenge! Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Well Gardens, St. Michael's Tor, St. John's The Baptist Church, Avebury and The City of Bath. WALES SITES: Tintern Abbey, Harold's Standing Stone Trinity, St Anne's Well, Pontypridd Rocking Stone, Tinkinswood Burial Chamber, St Lythan's Burial Chamber, Gwal-y-Filiast Dolaman, St. David's Cathedral, St. Non's Holy Well, Gors Fawr Stone Circle, Carn Mennyn Hills, Waun Mawn (a.k.a. Preseli Stone Hills, that are full of ancient chambers, alignments, power animals in stone and the home to mysterious Stonehenge Bluestones), Pentr Ifan Dolmen, Nevern Churchyard and Ancient Crosses and Sacred Yew Trees, Carreg Samsom, Dyffryn Ardudwy Twin Dolmans, Dinas Emrys Hill of the Red and White Dragons and young Merlin, Llyn Ogwen Lake and fabled resting place of Excalibur, The Beautiful Landscapes of Snowdonia, Capel Garmon Cairn & Dolmen & Gorsedd Stone, Lunch in charming Portmeirion, Bryn Celli Ddu Cairn/Circle Mound, Penrhos Feilw Standing Stones, Trefignath Chambered Tomb, Llanfechell Standing Stone Trinity, Barclodiad y Gawres Chamber, Anglesey - The Druid's Island and the Holy Island, St Winefride's Well steeped in Myth of Immortality, Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall, Moel Ty Uchaf Stone Circle, Coed Gaer Hut Circle, Old Radnor (St. Stephen's) Church & Standing Stone, and Arthur's Stone. More or less depending on time and spirit calling and always magic!

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Come pilgrimage with us on a sacred quest to awaken and anchor the Lion and the Dragon within. Together we will walk in the footsteps of our ancestors into MYTH, LEGEND and MYSTERY. We come to learn from Powerful Stone Circles and Standing Stones, Pulsing Ley Lines, Holy Healing Wells, Uplifting Waterfalls and Silent Misty Forests, Heavenly Chapels and Ruins, Mystifying Lakes and Spell-Binding Mountains. These are the sacred lands of the Lion and the Dragon.

Wales is steeped in Myth, Magic and Legend. There are many varied stories of giants, dragons, ghosts and stones coming to life at night and even UFO sightings. Our focus is on the quest to excavate the truth and wisdom from echoes in Ancient Myths and Legends. Myths always have an element of truth within them. This is how they can endure. But this truth was contaminated by superstition, religion and beliefs, fear and the need to control. When ancients experienced something "paranormal" and unknown, it was impossible to comprehend it before our current age of information, science, evolved metaphysics, and technology.

Ancient temples are built outward from an auspicious energy center. Just as sacred temples are built, we will travel upon this sacred Earth like she is a temple herself. We will begin from the center of centers in Glastonbury, England, where many ley lines cross through all of its highly concentrated healing sites and onward to the outer edge of Wales. We will pass through resonate blue stone hills, through myth-filled Snowdonia, to land's end at Holy Isle where the awakened ones leaped in victory into the sea. We will walk in the memory of our spiritual ancestors and remember the wisdom that they anchored there. We will enter the truth beyond the myth.

We are the Ancients returned. We are the new Creators. It is up to us to take this evolution into the future. We will open and remember our holy and cosmic selves and the truth of our divinity. When we do our inner work, we also help return balance to the sacred Earth and humanity to its original state. This work is the holy and divine plan that lives in each beating heart. We have achieved this in the ancient past, and we can do it again. This divine plan is already awakening in our DNA. The ancient one's memories are calling us. It is time to remember beyond the myth, to open and awaken our hearts, and to put into practice a great inner wisdom that is humanity's God-given birthright.

We will draw from ancient lineages that are alive in our DNA which have been brought forth from ancient times of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Maya, Inca, Druid, Pre-Celtic Orders, Holy lineages, the Star Elders and other Celestial Sources. These holy strands of DNA are alive in us and have only been held back by the great lie and illusion of human separation and limitation. These gifts will awaken and manifest within us as a natural and intuitive alchemical process. These frequencies are greatly protected and they can only be accessed through our sacred heart. When our sacred hearts are open and grounded into our Mother Earth and tethered to Celestial Realms, we are primed to receive the truth and wisdom that we have always known but just now remember.

What we do together as ONE HEART will send strong healing and alignment frequencies through these ancient Ley Lines to heal the heart of Earth and Humanity. What we do for ourselves will uplift all living sentient beings. We are all connected and we are all ONE. This humble and loving quest is the focus for this pilgrimage.

What are Ley Lines?

Earth's Ley lines were called 'Dragon Lines' by the Chinese centuries ago. When several 'Dragon Lines' cross each other at a given point (node), their power creates a massive vortex of energy. When ley lines are loved and honored in a conscious way, not only does the Earth's sacred balance come further into harmony, but also the pilgrims working the ley lines become more balanced as well. The sacred traveler is healed as well as the Earth's life-giving grid. It is a powerful symbiotic relationship between the Earth and humankind. On this pilgrimage, we will work with many such ley lines and nodes.

The main center or crossing point of dozens of major ley lines is in Glastonbury, England. Glastonbury represents the HEART CHAKRA but also the THIRD EYE. An overwhelming amount of ley lines converge in Glastonbury, and you can feel it. Thus we can see (third eye chakra) from our heart (heart chakra) on this major ley line grid. In Glastonbury, the Michael and Mary lines pass through Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Well, the Tor, St. John's the Baptist Church, etc . . . before moving on to the Avebury Stone Circle Complex, and further over the English landscape. Earth's energy system is remarkably similar to our own human form. Our connection to the Earth is far more powerful than we realize, especially when our heartbeat and third eye is not only held in the landscape but in our consciousness as a spiritual pilgrim.

A Tale of Two Dragons

The enduring myth of Dinas Emrys and a dragon's tale, and why the dragon still flutters on the Welsh flag.

According to legend . . . King Vortigern wished to build a castle on top of a rocky wooded hill (now named Dinas Emrys), but every night his castle walls would fall down. Frustrated he consulted sorcerers and magicians. They advised that the ground should be sprinkled with the blood of a child born to a human mother and a father that was 'other worldly'. A search was launched, and eventually a child was found in Caer Myrddin (Carmarthen), and preparations for the sacrifice were made. But the child, Myrddin Emrys, was no ordinary child. In fact, he was Merlin, the wizard. Merlin saw that there were two dragons fighting beneath the hill that caused the castle walls to fall. Therefore, King Vortigern commanded his laborers to dig deep into the mountain. They did as they were told, and they discovered an underground lake, just as Merlin had predicted. Once drained, the red and white dragons that lay sleeping there awoke and began to fight. The red and white dragon fought, and eventually the white dragon fled, and the red dragon returned to his lair. King Vortigern's castle was then built the hill was named Dinas Emrys, in honor of Myrddin (Merlin) Emrys (Emrys was Merlin's birth name). The powerful red dragon has been celebrated ever since. Not convinced? In 1945, the site was excavated by archaeologists who discovered a lake and the ruins of a fortress dating to Vortigern's time. The walls all showed signs of having been rebuilt several times. Tread carefully if you explore this hill. A dragon sleeps beneath it.

Your Spiritual Guides

Aluna Joy will be sharing her present moment clairvoyant messages and activations from various inner plane guides along with her ever-present Star Elders and Archangel Michael and others in her team.

Marcus Mason will be lending his extensive knowledge of the sacred grids lines of Avalon, astrology and will also be offering heart-felt ceremony and meditations.

ALUNA JOY was born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders "The Buddies". Today, she is an internationally known messenger/author/speaker/, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of present living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant/clairsentient gifts to excavate messages from ancient worlds and the enlightened guardians of these sites. She uncovers pertinent and timely wisdom and alchemy that has relevance to the current moment and for our future.

Aluna coined the term "sacred site junkie" because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico in 1986, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in her life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.

Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1995, the Inca world since 1996, the Egyptian world since 2008, and the Celtic worlds since 2007. She is well known for her down to earth, accepting attitude that makes everyone feel like they have come home. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to the Creator. "Our groups are family, and each one is a teacher and also a student. We work together as a team to unravel the sacred mysteries of life."

MARCUS MASON, our local guide, has practiced and taught Soul-Centered Astrology for more than 30 years in the UK and in Ireland, Europe and the USA. He has also practiced Traditional Acupuncture for 30 years and is a Member of the British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC).

For the last 15 years, with his partner Sue Weaver, a crystal and shamanic healer and teacher, he has been researching the relationships and energetic effects of the planetary movements upon the body's energy systems and Chakras. What has emerged is a profound and elegant system of meditation, informed by more than 30 years of working with Astrology, Acupuncture and Earth Energies.

Marcus has been fascinated by Earth Energies and the purpose of Britain's ancient Sacred Sites since his early twenties. As his understanding grew, he came to see how the sacred places of Mother Earth are like the acupuncture points on the human body, and that many sacred sites are linked in similar ways to the points on the body's acupuncture meridians. On the Earth, these are the Ley Lines and the great planetary Dragon Lines, which encircle the planet.

In the 1990s, he co-founded a group which worked with planetary healing meditations inside Stonehenge, at every Full Moon for 4 years from 1994 - 1998. Since then, he has worked with many groups on journeys for personal and planetary healing in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, Denmark, the Canaries, South Africa, Alaska and Hawaii.

Marcus combines his understanding of Acupuncture, Astrology, Earth Energies and the human Chakra system, working with people at sacred sites to enable personal and planetary healing. When we work together in this way at a sacred site, it is inevitable that the healing energies of the place will have an effect at a personal level and that the energies of the sacred site will also magnify our healing intention and enable healing for the greater whole of humanity and Mother Earth.

Marcus lives in Cornwall, is one quarter Cornish and regards Cornwall as his spiritual home. He is a father to one son, and is grandfather to two grandsons.

To read more about Marcus and his partner Sue, please visit their website and Facebook page:

England and Wales - 2024 Spiritual Pilgrimage
With Aluna Joy and Marcus Mason
July 9th - 24th 2024

The only prerequisite to joining us on this pilgrimage is to arrive with an open heart. If you are feeling the heart calling to join us, then you have been divinely invited. No one arrives on one of our pilgrimages by mistake. You have been called and this is your time.

Double Room: $6899. USD Per Person
Single Room: $7999. USD Per Person

Our group is limited to 24 paid adult spiritual pilgrims.

* EARLY BIRDS PERKS! - The first 8 people that will share a room will also receive an upgraded rooms at two hotels.

* If group reaches 20 paid guests each group member will
save $600. USD at the final billing.

* If group reaches 24 paid guests each guest will
save $1200. USD at the final billing.

We are committed to offering our group the best price possible. The larger the group is means collective expenses will be divided among a larger amount of people. Thus, you save. So invite your friends along and everyone wins!

* Small Group fee. Should the group not reach 16 paid guests, the price will be increased by $700. per person for this pilgrimage.

* Want a roommate? Signing up early helps us find you a suitable roommate as there will be more choices. Roommates are subject to availability. 60 days before to our pilgrimage dates, if we have not been able to find you a roommate, you will be responsible for the full single rate.

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We will have a little down time in
Portmeirion Village for tea and shopping

The Middlewick Holiday and Historic Cottages are charming self-catering cottages. They have an unparalleled location at the back of The Glastonbury Tor in a quiet rural location and within easy reach of Glastonbury's sacred sites and town. There is a beautiful apple orchard behind it, and what is left of the sacred oaks of Gog and Magog are on the way as you walk to The Tor. The accommodations are simple and mildly rustic with some shared bathrooms. It also has an upscale cafe where we will be enjoying our dinners. While here, we are within the energy field of the Tor for the all the nights that we are in Glastonbury. It has become our home away from home and we would not consider staying anywhere else. We want the feel of the English countryside rather than a boring generic hotel (which we avoid when we can.) If you are wanting a single supplement, you will have a room to yourself here, but you will be sharing a cottage and bathrooms and the little kitchens. You are going to have an incredible and charming English experience. Our groups never want to leave here!

Reading / Media Suggestions
Reading list ... if you so choose to prepare in this way. With this said, Aluna feels it is better to join us as a clean slate - like a child and read things after the pilgrimage.
You can read up on stone circles, etc..., here:
Standing with Stones - On YouTube
Stonehenge | The Bluestone Enigma - On YouTube
Earth Energy & Geomancy - Spirit of the Serpent - On YouTube
The Mists of Avalon - Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Isle of Avalon. Nicholas R. Mann
Energy Secrets of Glastonbury Tor - Nicholas Mann
Celtic Sacred Landscapes - Nigel Pennick.
The Avebury Cycle. Michael Dames.
Stonehenge Revealed - David Souden
The New View over Atlantis - John Michell
Mysterious Britain - Janet and Colin Bord.
More links to resources on this page Aluna's Book Shelf

Transcendent experiences are difficult and almost impossible to describe because they are experienced from the Great Mystery of the Universal Heart. Once experienced, from that point on, it becomes our hearts calling to bring these experiences back into our material world. And if we are lucky enough to be able to anchor this indescribable extraordinary space, even ever if so briefly upon on our world, we know an echo of this divinity will reverberate on our Earth forever. - Aluna Joy

There are things that happen only once, and then again, never exactly the same way . . . things that only we experience. There is no way to predict when magic lands where we are. We just have to put ourselves out there and keep our eyes open, and feel blessed when we see receive gifts from Spirit. These are experiences that no one else will ever see in the same way again.

We think, sometimes, there's not a dragon left.
Not one brave knight,
not a single princess gliding through secret forests ...
What a pleasure to be wrong.
Princesses, Knights, Enchantments and
Dragons, Mystery and Adventure ...
not only are they here-and-now,
they're all that ever lived on earth!
Masters of reality still meet us in dreams to tell us that
we've never lost the shield we need against dragons,
that blue-fire voltage arcs through us now
to change our world as we wish.
Intuition whispers true:
We're not dust, we're magic!"

- Richard Bach

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GLASTONBURY ABBEY is rich in myth and legend. Legend says that Joseph of Arimathea brought Jesus here and built the old Waddle and Daub church. In 1191, legend says monks found the buried remains of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere under two huge, black marble stone slabs. Both King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were re-buried in 1278 just in front of the high altar in the Abbey in the presence of King Edward I and Queen Eleanor. Again, they were buried under the original two huge, black marble stones. In 1539, the Abbey was destroyed by King Henry VIII. Many think he destroyed it because he was insanely jealous as the Abbey had a huge pilgrimage appeal because King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were buried here. He didn't like being overshadowed by a king that had been dead for centuries and wanted King Arthur's legacy to be wiped out. So, along with destroying the Abbey, he also destroyed any recorded history about King Arthur and his visions of Camelot. It is here where the remaining fragments of Arthurian history ends. But we know where the two black marble stone slabs are and we will show you!

The Michael ley line runs through Glastonbury Abbey, and then curves into the high altar, now marked out by a rectangle of turf (a former place of King Arthur's Tomb). The St. Mary's Chapel has always been acknowledged as the 'Mother Church' of Britain - the earliest site of the first Christian church, allegedly founded by Joseph of Arimathea and his 12 disciples shortly after the crucifixion. The St. Mary's Chapel altar marks the precise spot where the Michael ley line and the Stonehenge ley line cross. The Mary ley line breaks into 2 streams and flows around King Arthur's Tomb, and then merges back together running down the center of the church. The Mary line then flows right along St. Mary's Chapel, across the altar in the below-ground crypt and out through the west wall.

CHALICE WELL is linked to Christian and Arthurian legend and is a timeless and sacred place that is full of legend, symbolism, sacred geometry and very tangible healing energy. The well's location is at a crossing of twin currents of energy of the Michael and Mary ley lines. The Mary line continues through the Lion Mask to the famous well-head. It is said that Chalice Well is considered to be the 6th Chakra, relates to the THIRD EYE and is a location of the legendary King Arthur's Court. Pilgrims have come here for centuries to drink the iron rich water and to meditate and be healed in its amazing gardens. This site gives us the opportunity to be in ceremony and partake in the powerful healing waters within the footsteps of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, the order of the (feminine) Mary's, Jeshua and Joseph of Arimathea.

SAINT MICHAEL'S TOR is the earthly representation of the planetary heart chakra. A climb to the top of this hill is uplifting and clearing and frees the soul. The Michael ley line runs around the base of the Tor, and then forms a complicated labyrinth running in and around the area of the Tor hill, up the hill and encircles the Tor itself. From here, the Michael ley line heads off to Avebury. The Mary ley line flows around the south base of the Tor and then rises up the side of the Tor. The Michael and Mary ley lines both form complimentary labyrinths around the Tor nesting it in very powerful energy.

ST. JOHN'S THE BAPTIST CHURCH. What has haunted us over the years was the energy that we felt from two extremely old, black, marble slabs which cover two oddly, unmarked tombs on either side of the high altar at St John's Church. Once we touched these black marble stones, what washed over us was a tangible presence of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and a strange familiar feeling of an idealistic time in Camelot in which there was honor and impeccability. The tomb covers are mysteriously devoid of any names or dates. It appears that the original markings were actually removed.

The Michael line runs through the tower of St John's Church. It continues through the Lady Altar and the small St George's Chapel on the right-hand side of the main church. St. John's Church houses amazing stained glass windows encoded with hidden wisdom of King Arthur, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea. It even has, "hidden in plain sight", the graves of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Although many dowsers have confirmed this fact, it is still controversial.

A Stained Glass Window of Joseph of Arimathea in St. John's Church

STONEHENGE - Religion in Neolithic times had similarities to pagan religions. The concept of Mother Earth and Father Sun overlap to some extent with the Archaeo-astronomers viewpoint. The concept of "energies" and the sitting of Stonehenge at the intersection of many Ley Lines also follows back to a nature theme. Today, the Druid religion uses Stonehenge as a key religious monument, though druidism itself wasn't around at the time of the Neolithic's creation. We will take you to the original location of the first Stonehenge in Wales.

AVEBURY is a place where megalithic stone circles and twelve ley lines meet and go down into the Earth. It also has a powerful dimensional doorway. It is said that people come to England for Stonehenge and find out that it was Avebury they came for! On this location on the Earth, there is a crossing point of the Michael and Mary ley lines.

A few of the many sacred sites
that we will visit in Wales.

(The full list of sites is listed at the top of this page.)


and the Stunning Wales Coast at Pembrokeshire


Hurled into position by Jack O'Kent the giant according to legend.

ST. WINEFRIDE'S HOLY WELL. Accounts vary in detail about the story of St. Winefride but the main features of the legend are as follows. . . Winefride (Gwenfrewi) was the daughter of a local prince named Tewyth and his wife Gwenlo. Her uncle was St. Beuno. One day, around the year 630, Caradoc, a chieftain from Hawarden attempted to seduce Winefride. She ran from him towards the church which had been built by her uncle. Caradoc pursued her and cut off her head. In the place where her head fell, a spring of water came up. St. Beuno came out from the church, took up her head and placed it back on her body. He then prayed and raised her to life. A white scar encircled her neck, witness to her martyrdom. Caradoc sank to the ground and was never seen again. Pilgrimage to St Winefride's Well has taken place throughout the 1,300 years since St Winefride was restored to life. Pilgrims have come to St. Winefride's Well throughout its history, to seek healing. Records dating back hundreds of years are testimony to the many cures from sickness and infirmity received through the intercession of St Winefride. There are many stories of those who have come in thanksgiving for healing for themselves or others.

dating back to 4000 BC

PENTRE IFAN DOLMEN - Legend has it that there are faerie people who are seen at the stones. They are said to resemble "little children in clothes like soldiers clothes and with red caps". Another local folk tradition claims that in Celtic times there was a Druid college here, the large and ancient oak forest below the dolmen being cited as proof of its former existence. From "The Modern Antiquarian" by Julian Cope.

LLYN OGWEN LAKE IN SNOWDONIA. Could the last resting place of Excalibur be in Snowdonia?
It is said that after the Battle of Camlann, King Arthur's final battle, is when one of Arthur's Knights, Sir Bedivere (also named as Bedwyr Bedrydant), cast the powerful, magical sword Excalibur into Llyn Ogwen Lake, where it was caught and is now protected by the Lady of the Lake. The mountain Tryfan is said to be Sir Bedivere's final resting place which can be seen from the Lake's edge.

LLANFECHEL TRIANGLE - a Trinity of Standing Stones

ARTHUR'S STONE - Legend has it that the cup marks found in a nearby rock were made as Arthur put his elbows upon them to steady himself as he prayed. Other Phenomenon: After a severe thunderstorm one evening, villagers could hear a peculiar faint high-pitched buzzing sound.

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As the journey grows, weaving you in with your companions . . .
Why these people? This motley bunch, seemingly random, but assured, as boundaries soften,
bringing up all you need to see and feel, until we are all One Body - straggling or smiling
We are messengers for each other, like a medicine
We are stories to be told and heard: a cargo of treasure.

Our Amazing Pilgrimage Family
Our groups are like Sacred Sites . . . We never have enough time with them,
and we always want to see them again