The Awakening

Inca Spiritual Messenger, Willaru Huayta

Photo of Willaru Huayta Today, after 2,000 years, the Sun is rising. Its rays bring health, purity and wisdom for the healing of all humanity. The ancient Andean people, the Incas, followed the laws of Mother Nature (Pachamama) and the Great Spirit Creator (Pachacamag). They knew the Sun to be the center of powerful magnetic energies whose life each living thing depended upon. Sun rays are the gift of the Great Spirit, giving life and radiance to all of nature.

Pachamama is both divine and sacred. She is composed of the five elements of moon, sun, earth, water, and air. All learning begins from within; learning, knowing, respecting oneself. Everything we see around us comes from Pachamama, the Mother Earth, and the invisible comes from the Father Creator - the soul and spirit. Therefore we must devote our lives to Mother Nature and Father Creator, venerating them and living according to their laws. We have received our physical bodies from Mother Earth and our spiritual body from our Father Creator.

Each day we give thanks to the Creator and Mother Earth for our maize (corn) and for the work of the nature spirits. Pachamama is our paradise, our glory, and our final place of rest.

All people everywhere are children of God - one Mother and one Father - and therefore we are all brothers and sisters. How happy our parents would be if they could see their children living in peace, naturally, in harmony, according to the laws of nature. When we recognize and respect our natural mother and father then we are blessed by them and receive their protection from all evil.

The return of the Inti Churincuna brings messages of peace, love and spiritual liberation from our Father Creator, Pachacamag, from the center of the Sun to all people everywhere.

The Sun, Tegsi Wiricocha, illuminates our lives and through the power of this light we reach the Father Creator. Many Incas incarnated spiritually from the heart of the Sun and worked within the laws of Wilkanina, the sacred fire. With love we have come and with love we have reached God.

We must return to the Ways of Nature and recognize that we are a part of the sun, moon, earth, water, and air. That Mother Nature is within us and we within her. Each of our lives are divine temples of Mother Nature and Father Creator. We must return to spiritual principles for our guidance.

We must return to the Ways of Nature, recognizing the Earth as our sacred living mother. She knows that we are sick - victims of our egotism - and wishes to heal us with her natural medicines of pure air, clean water, fertility and solar rays.

We must return to the Ways of Nature in the ways we live each day, eating and drinking naturally fresh foods and drinks without chemicals, avoiding alcohol and drugs which confuse, dull and degenerate the mind and body. Mother Nature provides us with the natural foods, beverages and medicines beneficial to our health and a long life, free of disease. The plastic culture is a passing fashion which will soon subside with the renewal of the spiritual consciousness of the natural solar culture.

We must return to the Ways of Nature and remove the negativity in our lives, the egotism which blinds us to the beauty of the natural way. Our sleeping consciousness must awaken.

Pachamama, Mother Earth, has great sorrow and cries for us. She sees our ignorance, how we are lost in darkness, destroying, out of balance, killing one another. We will only find solutions to our problems when we return again to the natural way. This is the prophesy that was given to us for the last years, giving us the opportunity to save ourselves.

Our present era is that of Ayar Auca, the era of iron and wars, of coldness of metal. There is no love. The western world looks to the atomic god and science both in fear and for its salvation. The so-called civilized ones are suffering an atomic hell. The Intic Chiricuna offers Love.

We must return to the Ways of Nature to receive illumination, to recognize the cosmic laws and our bodies as temples. When we return to the natural way, the Sun-way, we will obtain a great spiritual treasure.

The door of the Sun is open for all. It shines upon all. All blood is the same color, the color of living fire. We are as flowers of different colors, different aromas. We are brothers and sisters of the seven rays.

All of the nations of the world, from the beginning, have had the same natural flag, Kuiche, the Rainbow. Her seven colors unify all the nations of God, past, present, future.

Since ancient times there have been sagras (negative and destructive energies), but they lived subject to the Creator and under the control of the Children of the Sun, for they have limited power. Since pre-Inca times the sagras were well controlled because the people lived in harmony under the laws of Amu Llulla, Amu Quella and Amu Sua.

With the Spanish invasion, the sagras were liberated and became allies of the conquerors. This alliance of black forces subjugated and persecuted the Children of the Sun, eliminating the Wise Ones. At this time the puma in the temple of the Sun died, vomiting, because he had seen the truth and recognized the darkness of the invaders. Many, however, were able to escape the dark shadow creeping across the land and remove themselves and the Sacred energy to the jungle, helped by the Apu Huayra (angels). Here, presently, they still live among the enchanted lakes and mountains.

Incan prophecy holds that, with the arrival of the Europeans, there would be 500 years of spiritual darkness. The world would plunge into materialism. Imbalance would permeate the planet. But after 500 years of darkness, when the condor of the south met the eagle of the north, it would signal the return of light to the planet and the dawn of a golden era. We live in a time of the fulfillment of prophecy.

The children of the Sun have existed since ancient times - since the Golden Era. After the Golden Era came the Silver Era and the Goni Killas. Then the Bronze Age. Then the Iron Era (Ayar Auka), the present era consisting of the last thousand years. This last metallic era has a strong materialistic quality and has been an era of darkness as people have fallen into egotism, using the forces of Mother Nature in a negative way.

Our ancient ancestors had a more defined road with a more concrete, clear and practical way of life. In the Golden Era the cosmic light of the spiritual sun guided the people with the natural laws in harmony, respect, peace and love.

Now, in these last years of the Iron Age, all is out of balance, chaotic, in disorder and disintegration. The political philosophies of the right and left from western European culture cannot provide a solution because they are spiritually destitute, as is the Age of Iron.

Even as there are four seasons of the year, so the four great cosmic ages follow one another. The age of Iron, like a long winter, is now closing. The new Golden Age, like spring, is announcing itself throughout the world.

Here in the Andes, we the Incas remember the spiritual teachings which have survived, for there are many ancient, remote villages in the mountains just as there are in the Amazon. This awakened spiritual consciousness, like a beacon of light, shines from the mountains across the world, announcing the arrival of the new era, the Golden Era of harmony with nature, of peace, brotherhood, spiritual liberation and Love.

Willaru Huayta is an Incan Spiritual Messenger from Cusco, Peru. Born a Quechua Indian, he learned to receive esoteric truth during his spiritual quests in the Amazon jungles. A few years ago he was asked to travel to the big city, Cusco, as a Chasqui (messenger) for the Great White Brotherhood with messages pertaining to the transitional times in which we live.

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